Case Study

— Orison

Meet Orison, the world’s first plug and play home energy storage system.

Eric Clifton founded San Diego-based startup Orison to realize his vision of mass adoption of stored energy to reduce energy costs and contribute to a self-healing, ultra-efficient energy grid.

Orison worked with Motto from a very early stage. We assisted in everything from creation of the name (which means “prayer” for the energy crisis) and strategy to messaging, brand design, photography, art direction, campaign development (which earned 7x their Kickstarter goal) and digital.

What We Did:

  Leadership Workshops
  Culture Analysis
  Brand Strategy
  Brand Name
  Verbal Identity
  Visual Identity
  Art Direction
  Lifestyle & Product Photoshoot
  Product Renderings
  Product ID

I. Strategy

Launch a Kickstarter and up against the biggest names in energy storage like the TESLA Powerwall.

When it comes to the future of energy, conventional resources are limited and the grid is overburdened and unreliable. Renewable energy sources like wind and solar are a critical part of the solution, but they’re limited to times when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. Fortunately, there’s a fix. One that reduces energy costs and contributes to a self-healing, ultra-efficient energy grid. This solution is Orison.

We helped Orison craft the name, identity, campaign strategy and pitch materials for their Kickstarter launch. The Kickstarter campaign was a smashing success—our work blew past the campaign threshold in less than 24 hours and successfully raised 7x the original ask.

II. Product ID & Renderings

Since the product was still in production, we needed to create highly visual and detailed product renderings to showcase the product online.

Our rendering team worked off CAD files and prototypes to create beautifully designed rendered images for the Orison product. We worked to capture the details of Orison such as lighting, materials, sheen and more. We also created rendered images for usage on both light and dark backgrounds as well as different models based on if the product was in a light environment or in a dark environment as well.

III. Art Direction & Photography

To demonstrate Orison’s two signature products, Motto art directed a custom photoshoot to show how the products work in the home to provide power via stored energy.

The driving force behind Orison’s brand is energy itself. We aimed to capture real, in-the-moment action that is atmospheric and aspirational. Our crew included location scouters, photographers, a set stylist, wardrobe stylists, and a hair and makeup artist. We spent a full day on location at the perfect model home with a contemporary style and an open and airy feel. The models we selected created “The Orison Family”, who were photographed using Orison Towers and Wall Panels to power their home while doing activities such as cooking, working, reading, and watching a movie.

IV. E-Commerce Website

Create an e-commerce ready, pre-order website to pre-sell orders.

Once the photoshoot was complete and we had new product photography, renderings and lifestyle imagery, we were able to use those assets to design and build the Orison pre-order website.

V. Product Animation

To demonstrate Orison’s how the products work in the home, we storyboarded and art directed an animation.

“Motto understood our vision and delivered a brand that fits us perfectly. They have been thoughtful and insightful every step of the way.“

Eric Clifton Founder, Orison

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