What We Do

— Motto eats brand challenges for breakfast.

Motto is more than our name. It’s a symbol of who we are.

Motto is a purpose-driven, strategic leadership and branding company founded by Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger. We’re proudly among the .01% of creative agencies owned by women.

Historically, mottos were war cries of sentiment, hope, and purpose. Today, we create mottos for our clients that serve as a rallying call — a meaningful mantra that leads your company forward. By doing so, we partner with leaders and teams to create and re-imagine brands from concept to completion.

Based out of New York City with a satellite office in Dallas, TX, we have branded hundreds of clients across the globe, which has led us to develop and refine a seamless process to help our clients navigate each step. Our talented team through leadership workshops and strategic brand development, the creation of verbal and visual identities, and leveraging brand to shape culture, process, and operations.

We’re the best at:

– Guiding your leadership to clarity
– Giving brands an ownable position
– Uniting who you are with what you do
– Creating cultures that inspire
– Capturing your spirit in a brand motto
– Turning your team into advocates
– Untangling confusion
– Crafting crushworthy brands
Making brands that perform and scale
– Expanding resources for teams

We encourage you to:

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Motto’s Approach

Get in the Trenches:

An agile track designed to get clarity fast.

Through a series of virtual, interactive workshops, Motto’s leadership team quickly draws out differing opinions to achieve alignment. Using the latest in collaboration tech, we facilitate in real time your unique DNA, differentiators, vision, and voice. You’ll be in awe at how well we captain your ship from indecision and confusion to clarity and confidence.

  • Unite your leadership team
  • Achieve brand alignment
  • Find the “big idea”
  • Define your differentiation
  • Identify your tribe(s)
Work With Us
Work With Us

Write the Words

A verbal identity to distinguish your voice.

Motto’s word wizards craft what your brand sounds like when it speaks. This is the articulation of your brand through the use of language, expressed through words. Serious or playful? Respectful or irreverent? Enthusiastic or matter-of-fact? We establish verbal pillars and guidelines to give you the words you’re missing.

  • Define tone of voice
  • Craft verbal persona
  • Write brand story
  • Create messaging kit
  • Draft key copy
  • Deliver voice guidelines
Work With Us
Work With Us
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brand workshop
brand workshop

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