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Motto® is a strategic branding agency leading the world’s most visionary companies to brand big ideas and leap to what’s next.

The most innovative companies are more than famous names—they're big ideas worth rallying around®.

Let's Brand Your Vision

Meet Motto®

You want to do big things. We make your vision visible®.

Motto® is a NYC-based strategic branding agency specializing in evolving and transforming high-growth companies. We shift you from today’s reality to tomorrow’s potential, ensuring you’re ahead of the curve. Our vision, culture, strategy, and creative work transforms your business for a new future and empowers your leaders for rapid growth.

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Our thought leadership in the press and latest thinking on vision, leadership, culture, and brand.


A Do Big Things® approach to brand building.

When vision, culture, and brand align, your business moves forward in a clear and focused direction. Rather than think of these key pillars separately, the Motto® Method unites them around a big idea. We harness the power of your vision and the values of your culture and thread them through every aspect of your brand to create a virtuous cycle of success.

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Inspiring teams and sharing knowledge

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Motto | Global Branding Agency

Powerful keynotes for your next event.

Motto® Founders Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger are bestselling authors, keynote speakers, and global thought leaders. Invite them to speak on unleashing big ideas and building a Culture of Possibility® at your next special event.

About Motto®

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Motto® is .01% of branding agencies owned by women. It all started when two college dropouts with $250 decided to do brand differently.

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“I’ve referred Motto® to anyone who asks for an all-around branding and strategic powerhouse. I’ve always felt we were more than just a client, but true partners. ”

Allie Kuzyk Global Program Manager, Google®

“Our rapid growth and global success would not have been possible without the brilliant team at Motto® challenging our thinking and leading us through the rebranding process.”

Hicham Chahine CEO, Ninjas in Pyjamas

“It's evident how seriously Motto® considers our vision and what we're trying to create. We're thankful to have partnered with them on this journey.”

Timothy Makalinao Co-Founder & CEO, Bandana

“Motto's level of brilliance surpassed my greatest hope. The team provided an incredible experience of self discovery and realization of who we are.”

Nathan Hallmark VP of Growth, FasterLines

“I have spine tingles. It's amazing to see the Goodnotes strategy come together into such a cohesive and inspiring brand narrative.”

Camilla Cornwell Brand Designer, GoodNotes

“Thanks to Motto®, we branded our purpose and have grown 20% year over year. Working together has been one of the most successful partnerships in the history of our company. ”

Brad Herrmann Founder & CEO, Text-Em-All

“Motto® absolutely blew us away. They united us under a common vision and exceeded our team’s expectations by 100x.”

Annie Wang VP Marketing, Artnet

“Motto® increased visitors to our site by 85% and increased conversions by 20% within a few months of our new brand launch. Their work has transformed our business from the inside out.”

Ian Morley Co-Founder, Serraview

“Hopscotch has been able to attract and retain high-quality talent from Google, Capital One, Better, and other world-class companies because of the brand Motto® assembled for us. ”

Reed Switzer CEO, Hopscotch

“The team at Motto® are a joy to work with! They coaxed out the best of who we are and spent time crafting language that best tells our story and depicts the vision we have. The investment we made is already paying off exponentially.”

Rob Meng Founder & CEO, FasterLines

“Motto® is incredibly brilliant at what they do, organized, generous, and fun to work with! The consumer and investor feedback about our brand has been beyond incredible.”

Ivey Childers CEO, Southbound Tequila