Hi, we’re Motto. We build brands for the future of tech, food, fashion, beauty and humankind.

branding agency nyc
branding agency nyc
branding agency nyc
branding agency nyc

Strategy, design and digital to build brands people love.

Since 2005, Motto has partnered with hot startups and global companies to elevate the game, create brand disruption and drive real business results. Recently, we gave the makers of Ice Age a new social voice, created a radical Super Bowl VIII campaign, built an explosive new digital brand for USA Today, rebranded a $2B media giant and launched a pop-tart challenger. Our efforts have led our clients to reduce competitive pressures, gain market share and quadruple revenue.

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Our services are designed for any size or type of company, regardless of industry. The only essential criteria is your desire to build a strong brand.

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“Motto understands what it means to build a brand that reflects a company's purpose and culture. It is the most successful partnership in the history of our company.“

Brad Herrmann Co-Founder, Call-Em-All

“Motto increased visitors to our site by 85% and increased conversions by 20% within a few months of our new brand launch. They've transformed our business.“

Ian Morley Co-Founder, Serraview

“Motto is phenomenal. They are meticulous and focused on you. Our new brand and e-comm website sent sales soaring within a few months of launch.“

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Janifer Y. Founder, IDS Skincare

“Motto is a well-oiled machine. They resurrected our fading brand and doubled our sales within 2 months of our brand launch.“

Vincent Vuitton CMO, Christeli

“Our hearts exploded with love for everything the Motto team created for Humankind.”

Lauren Ready Senior Video Producer, Gannett

“Motto is exceptional. We’re getting amazing feedback from stakeholders, investors, and customers.“

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Danny Aronson CEO, Even

“Team Motto are crucial collaborators. I've never worked with such personable people — that is what separates them. They work at 110% and they get results.“

Johnny Earle Founder, Johnny Cupcakes

“Motto is redefining how to build a brand through the lens of purpose. They’re also the brains, brawn and imagination behind our success.”

Glenn Burr Officer of Mojo, Small Giants

“Motto has been a long partnership for us and they’ve built our brand since day one. We have built a cult brand with them at our side.“

Michelle Leutzinger Co-Founder, Munk Pack

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