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— Munk Pack

A delicious Gluten Free, Vegan and Non-GMO snacks for the trail and the city.

We started working with Munk Pack when their founders, Toby and Michelle Glienke, were still making fruit and oatmeal smoothies in their kitchen and selling at local farmers’ markets. From their professional lives to their camping adventures, they were always looking for portable, healthy, great tasting foods that were minimally processed, without the additives and fillers you find in most snacks.

They couldn’t find it, so  they created it themselves and disrupting a traditional category by bringing pouch-filled food to adults. The brand takes its inspiration from nature to create delicious products with high quality, real ingredients for balanced nutrition on the go.

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Visual Identity

The unique design of Munk Pack’s visual identity and packaging was inspired by the tiny but mighty chipmunk.

Chipmunks are curious creatures that love a good adventure and explore everything on their path. They are highly selective eaters, with a diet of fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains. Like the chipmunk, Munk Pack gathers only high quality, real ingredients from nature for balanced nutrition on the go. To create the visual language, we did a heavy creative exploration – designing everything from chipmunk totem poles to camping scenes. We landed on the concept of using a tent as a core element of the packaging with the chipmunk perched on top overlooking the trees and mountains.


Launch an innovative food concept in the highly crowded snack category with a distinct purpose and point of view.

Take a quick walk down the snack and bar isles at Whole Foods, and you can see how crowded the category is. Like any startup, the challenge was to create a brand that stands apart from the rest, and to build it into a national brand. One that tells a great story, has a meaningful message, and speaks to the consumer. Munk Pack chose Motto to help iron out some of the early kinks, develop a clear point of view for the brand concept, and execute on the visual identity and packaging. We defined their purpose, vision, core values, brand motto and brand personality to provide a strategic foundation for the creative development.


Munk Pack’s line of ready-to-eat oatmeal & fruit squeeze snacks is the first of its kind.

As a brand that empowers people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, it was important to develop the strategy for a very specific audience of outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers, travelers, athletes and explorers. Our strategy respected the narrow niche because we weren’t trying to build the brand “for everyone and anyone,” which is a mistake many brands make. We were able to pinpoint the most meaningful and motivational elements of the brand and develop the product, messaging, and design in a way that mattered to them. This has allowed Munk Pack to reach a broader market because they had a solid foundation from the start to support the growth.


Motto has executed numerous packaging and promotional projects for Munk Pack since the initial launch of their Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze pouches in 2014.

These projects have included the oatmeal fruit squeeze pouch line, 6 pack boxes, 4 pack boxes, bilingual pouches and 12 pack bilingual boxes for Costco Canada. And to help Munk Pack expand into other product categories as the demand for healthier, more functional baked goods grows, we recently designed the packaging for their newest line of protein-packed cookies.


Motto created a responsive WordPress site to launch the brand

To launch their brand to the world, we created a website that contains all the components of a viable startup website – great photography, clear messaging, easy navigation, social network links, and a clean, intuitive layout. Munk Pack’s branding is cohesive throughout the site, and fits with the adventurous nature theme of the company. Simple call outs explain what you can expect from the product, and are placed thoughtfully throughout the site.


“Motto has been a long partnership for us and they’ve built our brand since day one. They are very thoughtful and effective at their craft. They think outside the box and bring lots of experience to the table. We love our brand and so do our customers.”

Michelle Glienke Co-Founder, Munk Pack

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