Greyston Bakery

Bakers on a mission and a radical partnership with Whole Planet


Packaging Greyston Bakery’s brownie into a Whole Foods superstar.

Greyston Bakery is a pioneer in social enterprise that bakes a difference. Grounded in a philosophy called PathMaking, Greyston provides jobs and programs to assist hard-to-employ individuals regardless of education, work history or social barriers. Not only do they produce delicious baked goods, they provide second chances to low-income residents in Yonkers, NY. Motto helped the bakers on a mission brand their famous line of brownies, also found in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, into the fastest selling brownies in Whole Foods—Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Brown Sugar Blondie, and Walnut Fudge Brownie.

Client: Greyston Bakery
Brand Strategy
Package Design
POP Boxes
Bakers on a Mission


Launch Greyston Bakery’s beloved Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge brownie into a single packaged brownie that sweetens the deal with Whole Planet Foundation and Whole Foods.

As a certified B Corp, Greyston Bakery has a dynamic social mission and they are widely touted as a leader in the world of social enterprise. When Greyston Bakery partnered with Whole Planet Foundation to retail their brownies at Whole Foods, they hired Motto to help create a new identity for the brownies and create packaging that would stand out on shelf and grab market attention.


Brownies that can feed you, create jobs and help alleviate poverty? What’s not to love?

Since the launch, Greyston Bakery has reached nationwide distribution in Whole Foods with 1% of profits supporting their effort to alleviate poverty through microcredit loans in 60 countries. Greyston’s unique partnership with Whole Planet Foundation has served to advance both organizations’ social initiative. In addition to supporting job creation at the Bakery, 1% of brownie sales go to Whole Planet Foundation’s Poverty is Unnecessary Fund to support poverty alleviation through microcredit loans across 57 countries.

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