World’s first adaptive headphones

Even Case Study

Ushering in a new era of personalized sound.

Even’s team of sound designers, acoustic engineers, mastering technicians and audiologists came together to introduce the world to personal audio. The quick and easy built-in hearing test maps the way you hear different frequencies in each ear and creates your custom EarPrint® – your unique hearing profile. Even partnered with Motto to perform a holistic brand makeover.

Our role included:
→ Align leadership team
→ Creation of new strategy
→ Develop the verbal identity
→ Launch and creative campaign
→ New website design/build
→ Redesign packaging
→ Pop up store
→ Art Direction and styling
→ Photoshoot for lifestyle
→ Product renderings

Client: Even
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Website Design
Art Direction
Product Rendering
Different is Beautiful

I. Brand Immersion

Build awareness. Educate the consumer. Increase sales. Take a stand against the status quo.

Motto kicked off this brand challenge with our signature Breakthrough Workshop, a series of short sprint-like workshops designed to get clarity in a short amount of time. During our strategy-led workshops, we discovered the headphone category is overcrowded with little differentiation between brands. Even had built traction with the 55+ market, but fell on deaf ears in the millennial market. Younger consumers did not understand the need for personalized sound.

The original Even branding lacked a narrative, did not speak to the brand’s distinctions, and was poorly positioned. With lack of visual assets, generic imagery and flat messaging, Even’s brand evoked feelings of indifference. They needed to increase sales to secure Series B funding and complete proper branding work to educate consumers on why to buy the product.

Brand Audit > Breakthrough Workshops > Leadership Interviews > Brand Gap Analysis

II. Brand Strategy

Become a brand that stands for something beyond the product you are selling. Stand for different.

Even approached Motto as a scaling startup seeking to unite the brand under a comprehensive vision and language. The brand in its existing state was full of disparate parts. With recent success on HSN and a partnership with Napster, defining the brand for Even became even more critical.

Motto was originally asked to launch a holiday campaign to move product. Our team pushed back and asked their leadership team to think bigger – a brand is more than a campaign, after all. We discovered that Even’s true competitive difference was that while all big headphone brands assume all consumers hear sound the same way, Even’s position is that hearing is unique to the person and headphones require calibration. Our goal was to focus on illuminating the competitive difference and connecting the dots to a much bigger narrative.

Research & Insights > Competitive Audit > Tone of Voice > Key Messaging > Brand Manifesto

III. Brand Identity

Refresh the brand identity and create a visual system that is dynamic and expansive.

During the re-brand process, it was paramount to make sure all facets of the brand felt balanced, and even. This started with the symbol and wordmark, setting the visual tone for all subsequent materials. For a brand that centers around the calibration and balance of sound, the old mark seemed to be completely unbalanced. It did not appear to be “even.”

We kept the essence of the “e” shape and re-designed the symbol to bring more balance. Using the symbol as a base, we then completely rebuilt the wordmark.

Creative Brief > Logo Redesign > Icon > Wordmark > Icons > Illustrations > Brand Style Guide

IV. Art Direction & Photography

Create a bold, visually stunning photoshoot showcasing product, while capturing the brand motto, “Different is beautiful.”

For the rebrand, campaign launch, social media refresh and launch of the new website, Motto art directed, planned, storyboarded, styled, shot and art directed a seamless photoshoot to create jaw-dropping new images.

Our team obsessed over every detail down to the tone-on-tone concept, the model selects, lighting, wardrobe looks, hair and make-up to inspire consumers with emotional images that celebrate human diversity and the wonderment of sound.

Mood Boards > Art Direction > Shot List > Storyboarding > Styling > Location Scouting > Model Selection > Creative Direction > Final Selections

V. Website Design & Build

Architect a new e-commerce design and build to drive online sales.

Motto worked closely with the Even team to create a new digital experience. We created new key messaging and copywriting, and infused the new lifestyle and product shots throughout the site. By creating a vivid and engaging digital website, we were able to increase conversions and sales for the product and drive brand awareness.

Site Map > UX Discovery Session > Content Analysis > Website Design > Copywriting

VI. Social Strategy & Templates

Create a unified social presence across all major social platforms.

Motto created a unified grid and designed set of social assets for use across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Taboola, Google+, YouTube and more. We saturated every platform with a cohesive, branded look to ensure Even hit the market with bang, not a whimper.

Content Strategy > Social Rollout > Social Media Templates (all platforms) > Social Media Design

VII. Product Renderings

Photorealistic product renderings in 360° views and more.

From the headphones to earbuds, Team Motto created photorealistic renderings to be used to bring the product to life in various environments.

Sketches > Renderings > Mockups


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