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Motto x Even

World’s first adaptive headphones.

Even is reinventing personal audio with technology and products that tune sound to each listener’s unique hearing. The revolutionary built-in hearing test maps the way you hear different frequencies in each ear and creates your custom EarPrint® – your unique hearing profile. Even partnered with Motto to strengthen all facets of the brand. This included complete brand redevelopment, photo direction & photoshoot, and a digital overhaul.

What We Did:

  Leadership workshops
  Culture alignment
  Brand strategy
  Verbal + visual identity
  Art direction
  Photoshoot (product/lifestyle)
  Content + social strategy
  Story + key messages
  Website design

Project Mission

Build brand awareness, educate the consumer, increase sales, and take a stand against the status quo.

As a scaling startup, Even was struggling to define and communicate competitive differences. Motto set out to align Even’s leadership team under a clear vision and develop a meaningful strategy to build the brand around. The prior branding lacked a compelling narrative and did not stand out to consumers for the right reasons, even though the product was unique. With lack of visual consistency, generic imagery, and flat messaging, Even’s brand experience evoked feelings of indifference.


Build brand awareness, educate the consumer, increase sales, and take a stand against the status quo.

Motto facilitated a series of leadership interviews and workshops designed to align around the core ideas of the brand. We also conducted research and social listening to make informed decisions and find the whitespace. Once we had a clear understanding of Even within the landscape, we developed the brand motto.

Research & Insights → Competitive Audit → Brand Workshops → Purpose, Vision, Values →  Brand Motto

Brand Strategy

Different is Beautiful.

Other headphone brands ignore the fact that all consumers hear differently. However, Even respects that each person’s hearing is unique to them. This is why personalized calibration is needed for the best audio experience. This breakthrough
— that consumers have been settling for headphones that treat their ears the same — brought about inspiration, alignment, and momentum for the brand strategy. We were able to bring together disparate and conflicting ideas into a coherent and powerful message by connecting the brand to its true purpose, which is to celebrate differences. We created the motto “Different is Beautiful” to anchor the strategy and connect deeply with consumers, staff, influencers, and investors alike.

Brand Definition → Brand Promise → Tone of Voice → Key Messaging → Brand Story → Brand Manifesto → Campaign Development

Visual Identity

Refresh the brand identity and create a cohesive visual system.

During the design process, it was paramount to make sure all facets of the brand felt balanced, and well…even. This started with the logo and wordmark. For a brand that’s all about the balance of sound, the existing logo was itself unbalanced. We kept the essence of the “e” shape and redesigned the symbol to bring perfect balance. Using the symbol as a base, we then completely rebuilt the wordmark which set the visual tone for all subsequent materials.

Along with the core identity, the need for various design items arose. Including custom icons and internal posters.

Symbol → Wordmark → Icons → Illustrations → Brand Style Guide

Art Direction & Photography

Create a bold, visually stunning photoshoot showcasing product, while capturing the “Different is beautiful” spirit.

Motto art directed, planned, storyboarded, styled, shot and art directed a photoshoot to create jaw-dropping new images.

Our team obsessed over every detail down to the tone-on-tone concept, the model selects, lighting, wardrobe looks, and hair and make-up to inspire consumers with emotional images that celebrate human diversity and the visceral reaction of sound.

Mood Boards → Art Direction → Shot List → Storyboarding → Styling → Location Scouting → Model Casting  → Creative Direction → Final Selections

Website Design & Build

Architect a new e-commerce design and build to drive online sales.

Motto worked closely with the Even team to create a new digital experience. We created new key messaging and copywriting, and infused the new lifestyle and product shots throughout the site. By creating a vivid and engaging digital website, we were able to increase conversions and sales for the product and drive brand awareness.

Site Map → UX Discovery Session → Content Analysis → Website Design → Copywriting

Social Strategy & Templates

Create a unified social presence across all major social platforms.

We created a series of social media templates for quotes, branded images, and slogans to be shared on instagram, facebook, along with other sites. This allowed the in-house team to quickly create new, branded content.

Product Renderings

Photorealistic product renderings in 360° views.

From the headphones to earbuds, Motto created photorealistic renderings to be used to bring the product to life in various environments.

Sketches → Renderings → Mockups


“Motto is exceptional. We're getting amazing feedback from stakeholders, investors, and customers. Listen to what they tell you to do.”

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