Headphones that redefine the way you listen to music


The world’s first headphones that adapt to the unique way you hear.

Even’s team of sound designers, acoustic engineers, mastering technicians and audiologists came together to introduce the world to personal audio. The quick and easy built-in hearing test maps the way you hear different frequencies in each ear and creates your custom EarPrint – your unique hearing profile. Even hired Motto to help strengthen the brand, differentiate against their competition and articulate their message in a more meaningful way.

Client: Even
Art Direction
Different is Beautiful
Even Logo by Motto


Even needed to build awareness, educate the consumer, increase sales and take a stand against the status quo in their industry.

During our leadership workshop and immersion phase, we discovered the headphone category is overcrowded with little differentiation between brands. Even had built traction with the 55+ market, but they aspired to attract millennials. However, younger consumers did not understand the need for personalized sound or that each person’s hearing is unique to them.

Their old branding lacked a narrative, did not speak to their distinctions and was poorly positioned. With generic imagery and flat messaging, Even’s brand evoked feelings of indifference. Not only did they need to increase sales to secure Series B funding, they needed to complete proper branding work to educate consumers on why to buy the product.

Even branding by motto
Even Branding by Motto


Create a war cry to serve as the linchpin to a greater purpose.

We started with clarifying important foundational elements like brand purpose, vision, core values and beliefs. That helped us connect the product to something much greater. The fact that we all hear differently and therefore experience the world differently is common to us all. The belief “Different is Beautiful” anchors Even as more than just another headphone brand, but as a symbol of tolerance, diversity and understanding through music and sound. The message also speaks to relevant social issues about diversity and inclusion, and shows consumers that our differences are what make us beautiful.

Even Manifesto Poster by Motto

Brand Identity

The old logo was unbalanced and needed to be evolved. We made the mark more even (pun intended).

For a brand named Even that focuses on calibrating and balancing sound, the first thing we noticed about the old logo mark was that it looked uneven. We maintained the basic “e” shape, but reworked the symbol to bring it to a more balanced state.

Even branding by motto

Art Direction & Photography

A 14 hour photoshoot. Each model handpicked by Motto for their diversity. Their favorite music, from Coldplay to Drake to The 1975, played through Even’s calibrated headphones and earphones.

For the social media campaign and new website, Motto art directed, planned, storyboarded, styled, shot and art directed a seamless photoshoot to create jaw-dropping new product images. Our team obsessed over every detail down to the tone-on-tone concept, the model selects, lighting, wardrobe looks, hair and make-up to inspire consumers with emotional images that celebrate human diversity and the wonderment of sound.


“Motto understood the issues of our brand. By helping us refocus, they moved us away from a story that wasn't connecting to a company that stands for significance.“

Christian Riley CMO, Even
Even branding by mottoEven branding by motto
Even branding by motto
Even branding by motto
Even branding by motto


We created a series of Instagram templates for quote cards and branded images, so Even could quickly create content with their in-house team.

Even Headphones Branding by Motto


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