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How to Write an Awesome Manifesto

MANIFESTO /ˌmanəˈfestō/ (noun): A written statement to publicly declare the intentions, motivations, or beliefs of a person or group. From the Latin manifestus — to clearly reveal, to make public.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rising entrepreneur or a company on the cusp of something big — if you have something to say, say it with a manifesto.

A manifesto can be both a simple statement of principles and a bold, rebellious call to action. It’s a powerful reminder of who are and why you’re here. Sharing your manifesto anchors your beliefs — it’s like a magnet for people who are raring to support you. By reading it, they gain a fuller understanding of your message and a greater appreciation for who you are as an organization.

You don’t have to be a poet or revolutionary to write a manifesto for yourself or company. The key is to just be honest and tell people what you believe, what you dream of, what is important to you, what you see for yourself and others. A good manifesto should have two things: truth & grit.

Manifestos come in all shapes and sizes, from a longer speech-style approach to a short and snappy micro-manifesto. Here is a simple framework we like to use to jumpstart writing an awesome manifesto with a string of thoughtfully crafted statements.

Fill in the blanks:

Here’s what we know for sure:                    .

We believe in:                    .

We want to live in a world where:                    .

We embrace:                    .

We want nothing more than to:                    .

We care deeply about:                    .

We hope to one day:                    .

We feed off:                    .

We will be responsible for:                    .

We will show the world:                    .

Here’s an example of a Manifesto we helped our client Call-Em-All craft. You can see it live on their website.

Call-Em-All Manifesto



Get creative, go forth & share your manifesto with us!

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    We love our Manifesto! Thanks for helping us put into words how we really feel. It helps our clients know what kind of people and company they are dealing with, and it helps guide our everyday behavior and decision making.

    • You’re welcome Brad! It was a honor for us to work with you and the team, and bring your values to life throughout the company.