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Flagship Flagship Flagship
Flagship Flagship Flagship

Flagship® is for companies seeking a cohesive brand strategy, verbal, and visual identity to prepare for accelerated growth.


Navigate the future with confidence.

Flagship® offers a structured process for crafting impactful brands. It is ideal for rebrands, refreshes, or evolutionary branding. Our approach combines strategic precision and creative expression to build brands with a strong strategy, name, voice, and visual distinction.

Flagship® is ideal if you are:

  • Driving towards growth.
  • Navigating inflection points.
  • Pursuing more funding.
  • Heading towards IPO.
  • Expanding into new markets.
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Fullsail rebrand
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Virgin Atlantic Branding | Motto
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Fullsail rebrand
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Simplify complexity

Streamline complex ideas and architecture to make your brand more manageable and effective.


Clarify your message

Communicate with your audience more effectively with a unified and coherent brand voice.


Differentiate your brand

Stand out from competitors, highlighting your unique selling propositions.


Drive growth

Leverage a well-defined brand strategy and identity to accelerate business growth and market penetration.

(Recent Flagship® Clients)

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Here's what we'll do


Our work together unfolds across four key phases.

Each phase of Flagship® is designed to transform and elevate your brand. Starting with a deep dive, we move through strategic development, verbal messaging, and creative execution, and wrap with meticulously designed brand guidelines. We ensure every aspect of your brand is crafted with precision and aligned with your overarching vision.

Phases of work

Together with our research partner, we first begin with a strategic analysis of current customers and opportunity audiences. This insightful research identifies, sizes, and contextualizes attributes of the audience to inform our brand strategy work.

Deliverables include:

  • Current customer analysis
  • Customer surveys
  • Brand discovery analysis
  • Persona development

In their words

What our clients say about working with Motto®

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Hicham Chahine CEO, Ninjas in Pyjamas

“Our rapid growth and global success would not have been possible without the brilliant team at Motto® challenging our thinking and leading us through the rebranding process.”

CMO, Geoff Colon Microsoft®

“Motto® led us through a revolutionary breakthrough and spearheaded quite possibly one of the greatest experiences of our entire organization.”

Reed Switzer CEO, Hopscotch

“Hopscotch has been able to attract and retain high-quality talent from Google, Capital One, Better, and other world-class companies because of the brand Motto® assembled for us. ”

Camilla Cornwell Senior Brand Design, Goodnotes

“We have spine tingles. It's amazing to see the Goodnotes strategy and brand come together into such a cohesive and inspiring brand narrative.”

Allie Kuzyk Global Program Manager, Google®

“I’ve referred Motto® to anyone who asks for an all-around branding and strategic powerhouse. I’ve always felt we were more than just a client, but true partners. ”

Danny Aronson CEO, Even

“Motto® is exceptional. We are getting amazing feedback from stakeholders, investors, and customers. The team is so inspiring to work with. ”

Annie Wang VP Marketing, Artnet

“Motto® absolutely blew us away. They united us under a common vision and exceeded our team’s expectations by 100x.”

Dannie Lee COO, Keetsa

“Motto® is an amazing team who are so sincere and easy to work with. They are extremely professional and our rebrand has been stellar. ”

Ivey Childers CEO, Southbound Tequila

“Motto® is brilliant, organized, generous, and fun to work with! The consumer and investor feedback about our brand has been beyond incredible.”

Timothy Makalinao Co-Founder & CEO, Bandana

“It's evident how seriously Motto® considered our vision and what we're creating. We're thankful to have partnered with their incredible team on this journey.”

Nathan Hallmark VP of Growth, FasterLines

“Motto's level of brilliance surpassed my greatest hope. The team provided an incredible experience of self discovery and realization of who we are.”

Rob Meng Founder & CEO, FasterLines

“The team at Motto® are a joy to work with! They coaxed out the best of who we are and spent time crafting language that best tells our story and depicts the vision we have. The investment we made is already paying off exponentially.”

Ian Morley Co-Founder, Serraview

“Motto® increased visitors to our site by 85% and increased conversions by 20% within a few months of our new brand launch. Their work has transformed our business from the inside out.”

Lak Gil CEO, Pillway®

“We chose Motto® because of their passion, unique approach, and exceptional roster of brands they've propelled to success. They love what they do and are fully invested in every project they work on.”

Thomas Lathrop Crown & Buckle

“Motto’s® knowledge of branding and design execution has been crucial in taking our online retail business to the next level.”

Michelle Glienke Munk Pack

“Motto® has been a long partnership for us and built our brand from the ground up. We love our brand and so do our customers. They bring tons of experience to the table.”

Brad Herrmann CEO, Text-Em-All

“Thanks to Motto®, we branded our purpose and have grown 20% year over year. Working together has been one of the most successful partnerships in the history of our company. ”



Organizational alignment

A unified commitment to your brand’s purpose, vision, values, and objectives across all levels.


Strategic clarity

A clear and concise understanding of the company’s brand definition, positioning, and promise.


Strong differentiation

A defined competitive edge so you’re not just another brand in the market, you are the brand.


Audience resonance

A brand narrative that resonates with the right target and leads to greater engagement and loyalty.


Cultural impact

Positioning you as a business entity and a cultural influencer shaping societal values and trends.


Employee pride

A brand employees can believe in and be inspired by leading to job satisfaction and retention.



  • Clients in 40+ countries
  • 600+ Flagship® projects
  • 75% are rebrands, Series B-G
  • 25% are new brands, Series A+

Inflection points

  • New leadership, new vision
  • Shifting strategy or direction
  • Navigating mergers or acquisitions
  • Moving to global expansion
  • Fighting competitive pressures
  • Changing consumer expectations
  • Launching innovations
  • Targeting new audiences
  • Entering new markets

Ideal clients

  • B2B, B2C or multi-sided
  • Fully engaged leadership
  • Brand-led mindset
  • Iterative and collaborative
  • Actively shaping your industry

Team structure

  • Senior Account Manager
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Brand Strategy Director
  • Namer
  • Word Strategist
  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Senior Brand Designer
  • Motionographer


  • Basecamp for project management
  • Dropbox for file management
  • Slack for collaboration
  • Butter for workshops
  • Miro for whiteboarding
  • Zoom for meetings


  • We prefer 5-8 months; shorter or longer timeframes can be discussed


  • Based on total scope

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