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Spend the day with Motto’s award-winning co-founders and leadership/brand experts, Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger, as we take your executive team through an eye opening brand workshop. We’ll dig deep, surface your brand essence, unify your team, and give you critical insights to help you build a stronger and more cohesive brand. We focus on 6 key areas of brand development:

What's our purpose?

Give your company a strategic compass by developing a meaningful purpose that rallies your team and inspires action.

What's our story?

Great brands are built from great stories, so we'll work to shape your story and build emotional connections.

What space can we own?

We'll challenge habitual thinking about what disruption means and explore ways you can break the spell of the status quo.

What's our difference?

99% of companies in any given category all share the same DNA. We'll surface what makes you special.

Who's our audience?

Who is our target audience, what promises can we make them, and what do we want them to feel about our brand?

What's our personality?

Identify a distinct brand voice to convey your brand's personality and set the tone for the brand's visual language.

This immersive workshop is designed to educate, inspire and help you build a powerful brand from the inside out.

Do you struggle to articulate what your company stands for? Do you lack compelling language that communicates your story and points of difference? Do you say things like “we have the best customer service, the best product, the best blah blah”? Yawn. No one gets excited about that. What they do buy into are brands with a point of view, a unique voice, and a strong message. When these critical building blocks aren’t defined, it can make for an unstable company, a poor culture and a weak brand.

By participating in Motto’s signature branding workshop, you’ll get a crash course in the new reality in which brands must compete and what you have to do to stand out in this age of disruption. We’ll help you identify opportunities and build the foundation necessary to create the future you want.

Benefits of a brand workshop:

+ Achieve consensus across your team;
+ Inspire and engage employees;
+ Discover your brand’s ROI;
+ Uncover your brand’s personality;
+ Articulate why you matter;
+ Create a master brand plan;
+ Awaken your organization’s true potential;
+ Find out how to not just look good, but matter;
+ And so much more…

What Do You Get?

A fully immersive, value-packed workshop with industry leading advice followed by a comprehensive report of eye-opening insights and strategic recommendations to help you build a powerful brand and culture from the inside out.

Who Is It For?

  • Founders
  • C-Suite Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Brand & Marketing Teams
  • Startup Brands

How Does It Work?

  • Led by Motto’s Founders
  • Held in NYC
  • 100% turn key
  • Supplies and materials included
  • Live sketch note artist
  • Fully catered


Guiding leaders to extraordinary outcomes.

Recognized by almost every major business outlet including Inc. 30 Under 30GDUSA’s Top 25 People to WatchForbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, The Huffington PostAMEX, CNBC, FOX, BoldTV, Never Settle Show, WeWork, The Wall Street Journal, Shutterstock, The Chicago Tribune, 99U, and many more, our clients average a 25%-50% or more increase in sales within a few months of working together. Our thought leadership on what it takes to build and lead a disruptive company recently earned us a book deal with HarperOne (HarperCollins 2019).

Over the past decade, we’ve worked on every leadership and brand challenge imaginable—from challenger startups to corporate billion dollar brands—with staggering results. If you want to grow your brand, improve your culture, and sharpen your image in the market, we’re the team to do it.


Just a few recent companies who have been through a brand workshop.


“Motto is crucial collaborators on my special projects. I've never worked with such personable people — that is what separates them. They work at 110% and they get results.“

Johnny Earle Founder, Johnny Cupcakes

“Our hearts exploded with love for everything the Motto team created for Humankind.”

Lauren Ready Senior Video Producer, Gannett

“Motto is redefining how to build a brand through the lens of purpose. They’re also the brains, brawn and imagination behind our success.”

Glenn Burr Officer of Mojo, Small Giants

“Motto is thoughtful and effective at their craft. They think outside the box and bring experience across industries to the table. We love how Motto has managed and executed numerous projects for us.“

Michelle Leutzinger Co-Founder, Munk Pack

“We were struggling with how to make a personal and cultural connection. Motto understands what it means to build a brand that reflected our company’s purpose and culture. Working with them transformed our entire team.“

Brad Herrmann Co-Founder, Call-Em-All

“Motto understood the issues of our brand and the importance of putting the customer at the center while standing for something bigger than the products we sell.“

Christian Riley CMO, Even

Think a workshop is right for you?

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