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Brand workshops for forward-thinking leaders

Have you heard your own story so much you’re blinded to its important points? Do you need to clarify your message? Unite your leadership around a common purpose? Let us facilitate a private 1 day workshop to tackle your most pressing challenges. We’ll work with your leadership team to cut through the clutter, pull you from indecision, and give you the critical answers needed to solve your unique challenges in a short timeframe.


Why do you exist? Why should anyone join your cause? Building your brand around a deeper purpose is key to understanding the meaning and motivation behind your organization.


What is the future you hope to create? Where will your organization be in 5, 10, 20 years? We will help you articulate your vision statement so your team is 100% aligned on what you see for the future.

Core Values

What values does your company hold sacred and why? We'll determine the most fundamental guiding principles of your company and craft core values that support the vision and shapes the culture.

Brand Motto

We'll craft your organization's "war cry" — a short, simple phrase that encapsulates the beliefs and ambitions that guide your organization.

Brand Audience

We'll define your audience, what their beliefs are, what will resonate with them and what it means to build a narrative beyond what you do and sell.

Brand Personality

What should you sound like? We establish a set of human characteristics that are attributed to your brand, which sets the tone of verbal communication.


Want to get unstuck and tell a more compelling story? Our workshop was created just for you.

Many leaders struggle to articulate what their company and brand stands for and lack compelling language that communicates their actual points of difference. They say things like “we have the best customer service, the best product, the best blah blah blah.” Yawn. News flash: no one gets excited about that. What they do buy into are brands with a point of view, a unique voice, a meaningful purpose and a strong vision. When these critical building blocks aren’t defined, it can make for an unstable company culture and poorly positioned brand. These weak spots create much bigger problems when neglected or left unresolved.

When you participate in one of Motto’s signature workshops, we facilitate collaborative exercises with your key decision makers to figure out what makes your brand special, and give you the insight you’re missing about how to create the kind of magic that attracts your audience. We work to clarify your message, and articulate your story in a way that sets you apart from everyone else in your category.

What Do You Get?

  • Top 3 brand values
  • Top 3 brand audiences
  • Short purpose statement
  • A shared vision statement
  • The company war cry
  • Diagram with your brand’s personality
  • A shareable slide deck

Who Is It For?

  • Founders
  • C-Suite
  • Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Brand & Marketing Managers
  • Teams and Executives

How Does It Work?

  • Led by Motto’s Leadership
  • Held in NYC
  • 100% Turn Key
  • Supplies/Materials Included
  • Live Sketch Note Artist
  • Catered meals (No cheap crackers!)

Your Facilitators

Motto’s co-founders Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger have earned a national reputation for guiding leaders to successful outcomes.

Over the past decade, the pair has worked on every leadership and brand challenge imaginable—from challenger startups to corporate billion dollar brands—with staggering results. It’s no joke that they’ve been featured in Inc. 30 Under 30 and GDUSA’s Top 25 People to Watch to Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, The Huffington PostAMEX, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Shutterstock, The Chicago Tribune, 99U, and many other business publications for their bold thinking and leadership expertise.


Just a few recent companies who have been through a brand workshop.


“Motto is crucial collaborators on my special projects. I've never worked with such personable people — that is what separates them. They work at 110% and they get results.“

Johnny Earle Founder, Johnny Cupcakes

“Our hearts exploded with love for everything the Motto team created for Humankind.”

Lauren Ready Senior Video Producer, Gannett

“Motto is redefining how to build a brand through the lens of purpose. They’re also the brains, brawn and imagination behind our success.”

Glenn Burr Officer of Mojo, Small Giants

“Motto is thoughtful and effective at their craft. They think outside the box and bring experience across industries to the table. We love how Motto has managed and executed numerous projects for us.“

Michelle Leutzinger Co-Founder, Munk Pack

“We were struggling with how to make a personal and cultural connection. Motto understands what it means to build a brand that reflected our company’s purpose and culture. Working with them transformed our entire team.“

Brad Herrmann Co-Founder, Call-Em-All

“Motto understood the issues of our brand and the importance of putting the customer at the center while standing for something bigger than the products we sell.“

Christian Riley CMO, Even

Ready for a Workshop?

If you need help with a project or you’re interested in learning more about Motto, don’t hesitate to reach out.