Motto Signature Workshops

— Designed to align teams and define the big idea worth rallying around.


Struggling to define your brand’s position and articulate your message? Join us for a virtual workshop with Motto’s top thinkers.

If you’re feeling stuck, read on…

Get ready to achieve brand clarity fast. In this high-energy workshops held virtually, we’ll lead crucial discussions, facilitate thought-provoking exercises, and offer unique ideas to position a winning brand. You’ll leave with a value-packed actions plan and mind-blowing tactics to start applying right away.

Our brand workshops will help you:

  • Unite your leadership team
  • Achieve brand alignment fast
  • Rally your team
  • Find the “big idea” worth rallying around
  • Define your differentiation
  • Describe your tribe(s)
  • Own your market position
  • Articulate key messages
  • …And much more

The Framework

We facilitate and lead businesses of all sizes to create alignment across leadership, culture, and brand through six key modules.

1. Purpose, Vision & Values

We'll work with your leadership team to unite your brand under a common vision, a powerful purpose, and a set of values that will drive the business forward confidently.

2. Big Idea

What is the big idea that sets you apart? How can you claim it? We'll dig deep to capture the true spirit of your company and uncover the idea that your team and your customers can rally around.

3. Tribe

Who are you speaking to? What do they care about? We'll move beyond generic personas to create customer profiles so you can speak to the needs, beliefs and desires of your audience.

4. Archetype & Voice

We've taught Archetype workshops for years. Are you the Hero, Rebel or Magician? Using our signature archetypal quiz, you'll discover your primary voice and put that voice to work for you.

5. Differentiators

What about you is truly unique? Where and how will those differentiators show up? We'll uncover your key points of difference so you can own a marketplace position.

6. Creative Direction

We'll moodboard with you in real time to arrive at a creative direction for your brand. You'll see your brand come to life and begin shaping your visual brand right away.

“Motto blew us away and exceeded our expectations by 100x.”

Annie Wang, VP of Marketing, Artnet


Clarify Your Brand


Pull your team from indecision and find your competitive edge with Motto as your guide.

People buy brands with a point of view, a unique voice, and a strong message. When these critical building blocks aren’t defined, it can make for an unstable company, a poor culture and brand that sounds like all the rest.

By participating in Motto’s signature brand workshop, you’ll get a crash course in the new reality brands must compete in and what you must do to stand out in the age of disruption. Led by Motto’s co-founders and top strategists with more than 15 years leading workshops, we’ll help you bridge the gap between ideas and execution while giving your team a renewed energy and excitement.


▸ Pre-Workshop Analysis
▸ Planned Workshops
▸ Hosted Virtually
▸ Strategic Exercises
▸ Post-Workshop Plan
▸ Signed Copy of Rare Breed

For Teams:

▸  Tech Companies
▸  Startups
▸  Fortune 500 Brands
▸  Innovation Labs
▸  Sports Teams
▸  Consumer Brands
▸  Small Businesses

Worked With:

▸  Fossil
▸  Blue Sky Studios
▸  Twentieth Century Fox
▸  E&J Gallo Wines
▸  Bleecker Street Media
▸  Artnet
▸  And many more…

“We were struggling and Motto branded our purpose.”

Brad Hermann, CEO, Call-Em-All


In the Trenches

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