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PJ Morton on Rebellion at Work

The rare breed show
Episode 5, Season 1
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PJ Morton on Rebellion at Work (23:41)

Behind the Episode

Grammy award winner and @Maroon 5 keyboard player and backup singer, @PJ Morton has been pushing back since he was a kid. Growing up in New Orleans, the son of a popular preacher, everyone always thought Paul – otherwise known as PJ, would follow in his father’s footsteps.

But after some soul searching and a streak of rebelliousness, PJ stepped out of his father’s shadow and burst onto the music scene. He’s now blended a successful solo career with a life on the road as piano player for one of the world’s most popular band’s, Maroon 5.

On the latest episode of @RARE BREED, Morton talks to authors and hosts Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger about everything from why he didn’t become a preacher like his father, starting out on the indie circuit, to cooking, to what it was like auditioning for @Maroon 5 and how he clicked with lead singer Adam Levine.

Splitting his time between New Orleans and Atlanta, Morton also goes on tour with his own band with a new album titled “Paul” for which he’s won two Grammy’s. @GMM GRAMMY OFFICIAL

In this episode, you’ll learn how PJ:

✔️ Told his father he wasn’t going to be a preacher
✔️ Got the gig with Maroon 5
✔️ How he made going to church cool
✔️How PJ’s father “freed” him
✔️Why he turned down big money deals to stay true to himself
✔️How he turned being a rebel into a superpower

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