Flagship® is our full-service branding engagement. It brings strategy, verbal, and visual together for ultimate brand cohesion.



Flagship® is designed for companies needing to lockdown core brand foundations and close any big brand gaps.

From day one, we’ll immerse ourselves in your culture and integrate our creative team early in the strategic process.

Our strategists and designers work side by side to build off each other’s work and elevate the thinking at every turn.

hopscotch branding motto


Motto recently led the full Flagship branding for B2B Fintech Hopscotch.


Weak differentiation.
Competing priorities.
No big idea.
Lack of clarity.
Inconsistent messaging.
Boring talent brands.
Unclear brand architecture.
People spinning wheels.
The brand doesn’t reflect you.
You speak to everyone (no one).
Lack of personality.
(…You get the point).


In Motto Flagship® we’ll build your brand across four key phases: Brand Immersion, Strategic Brand Positioning, Verbal Identity, and Visual Identity.

Ph. 01
Brand Immersion

Our mission begins with a full immersion into your business and brand. Through a series of high-energy facilitated workshops, 1:1 stakeholder conversations, and other research methods, we’ll work to understand the nuances of your company culture, internal challenges, external forces, industry trends, ideal customers, and leadership ambitions.

We’ll work with you to ensure operational alignment so everyone is clear how the process works, how often you’re required, and what tools we’ll use. This kind of expectation-setting around client and agency responsibilities ensures a strong working relationship and the very best results.

Ph. 02
Brand Strategy

Next, we shift to brand strategy, with an emphasis on sharpening your strategic brand position, brand definition, and decision-making. The objective of this phase is to articulate your “Big Idea” into competitive differences and unite your team around that position. This is done in a carefully structured way, distilling the wealth of input from Brand Immersion into potent, actionable outputs. We collaborate with your team daily and ensure strategic suggestions are explained with rationale. We also encourage bold thinking and constructive debate at every turn.

The Brand Strategy phase will culminate in a strong brand story and a strategic brand framework. In plain speak, this means a crisp articulation of your brand, a clear understanding of how it emotionally connects with its audience, and actionable principles which anchor your positioning, values, vision, and brand promise. The strategy will serve as a rallying cry for your business and a compass for your brand’s verbal and visual development.

Ph. 03
Verbal Identity

Your brand’s verbal identity is its voice—how it speaks and what personality emerges as a result. Using insights from Phase 1 and Phase 2, we’ll develop your voice and codify it into a set of voice pillars, guidelines, and principles.

As well as the ‘softer’ (tonal) aspects of your verbal identity, we will also craft shared vocabulary, key messages, and signature phrases that will work hard for your brand over many years. These are phrases and headlines designed to be potent and memorable; your brand in words – the spearhead statements that will make you famous.

Ph. 04
Visual Identity System

Lastly, we’ll develop your brand’s visual design system. Put simply, this is what your brand will look like when it shows up in the world—its logo, color palette, typography, graphic language, and visual cues. This stage is the magical moment when you first see the brand we’ve all been assembling in prior phases together emerge in front of your eyes. In this phase, we’ll create a series of distinctive brand assets that consumers will learn to associate with your brand, helping to make every future impression pay.

Motto’s design team will develop the visual identity to perfectly capture the spirit and purpose of your new brand. Then, we’ll double-down and refine it further, sharpening every design detail until just looking at it gives you a paper cut.

When the visual identity settles into its rhythm, we’ll develop detailed guidelines so your teams, both present, and future, can execute it faithfully. This deliverable results in a comprehensive brand guidelines document, which will also contain the strategy and verbal identity guidelines. The final result is an invaluable handbook for your teams.

Also included in Flagship®:

  • Strategy and design fused from the onset.
  • Pre-Planning and Onboarding to set project success.
  • Kickoff call with your leadership group.
  • 1:1 conversations with internal stakeholders.
  • Detailed Competitive Analysis of you in the competitive set.
  • Facilitated Brand Workshops to suss out big brand questions.
  • Immersion Report identifying key insights and opportunities.
  • Guidance and support for a successful internal launch.
  • A PDF guide to inspiring and empowering employees.
  • Years of collective industry-leading advice.
  • Refinement with stakeholder input and collaboration at each stage.
  • A seamlessly managed process with weekly updates.


You will be assigned a dedicated Motto® team throughout the project, including senior strategists, senior creative copywriter, creative director, senior designer, and a project manager who will function as the day-to-day contact.


A C-level relationship is essential for success. All key decision makers are expected to actively participate in workshops and scheduled milestone presentations to eliminate misalignment and inefficiency. A project ambassador on the client side is responsible for gathering assets, scheduling meetings, and delivering feedback.


Fully remote. The Motto team is globally distributed.


  • Zoom and Butter for video conferencing sessions
  • Miro for online collaborative whiteboarding
  • Basecamp for project management
  • Slack Connect for communication

“I've consistently referred Motto to everyone who asks for an all-around powerhouse. I've felt we were more than just a client, but a true partner. They do not disappoint.”

Ally Kuzyk Global Program Manager, Google®

“None of this would have been possible without the brilliant team at Motto led by Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger challenging our thinking and carrying us through the rebranding process.”

Hicham Chahine CEO, Ninjas in Pyjamas

“I've been lucky enough to work with Sunny and Ashleigh. Then I read their book Rare Breed. The same off-the-charts EQ, empathy and professionalism they have in-person shines through.”

Annie Wang VP of Marketing, Artnet

“Our team worked with Motto to rebrand our company after a merger. They are incredible. They always have a point of view but allowed us to also come to our own decisions. Most importantly, they are values-aligned and care deeply about their people and their clients.”

Johanna Lyman Diversity & Inclusion Expert, Kadabra

“Motto is unbelievably attentive. They are innovative with forward-thinking ideas. They communicate passionately, listen intently, and push you to new heights as a company. Truly transformational.”

Boris Oak Founder, Evolvh

“Our hearts exploded with love for everything Motto created for us.”

Lauren Ready Senior Video Producer, USA Today®

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