Brand Identity:
A 360° Image

Brand identity is the complete expression of all brand elements inside your company as well as to your consumer.

Your brand identity is one of the most valuable assets for your business. It guides perceptions made by employees, customers, investors and partners.

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In contemporary markets, with companies vying for mindshare, a brand identity has to do more than serve as an identifier.

Brand identity must, ideally, encapsulate the ethics, values, and spirit that define the company it represents. More important, it must strive to establish a spiritual bond with its target group by engaging it at an experiential level that’s more substantive than the usual contractual buyer-seller relationship.

You may have covered all the bases while building your brand. But you can never kick up your heels.  The reason is that both the marketplace and your company continually evolve and you will need to anchor your brand in response to changes.

Every time your brand identity is experienced—this includes the name of your company, your logomark, social media, personality, packaging and decks used— a statement is made about the company.

Here are some the key elements of a strong brand identity:

Brand Look & Feel

Each one of Motto’s branding projects are first led by strategy, followed by a clear creative brief. Then we move into Brand Style Boards that explore the intended visual direction for the overall look and feel of the brand, based on key words, aesthetic preferences and desired experience. Style boards help us work efficiently with our clients to define and build out the visual language that will shape the brand, exploring color, themes, typographic styles, textures, patterns, style of imagery, etc. The finalized look and feel is instrumental in developing the brand identity.

Get Swift Mood Board © Motto 2019

Logo Design

The logo is the foundation of the brand identity, which is why it needs to be distinct, recognizable and supportive of long term brand goals. The identities we develop give our clients the foundation they need for delivering holistic brand experiences. While difficult to isolate the ROI of a new logo, the aim is to increase equity by shaping powerful brand experiences that inspire people to believe in the brand.

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Color Palette

Brands and color are inextricably linked. It is quite possibly the one visual component people remember most about a brand, second to shapes and words. We develop primary and secondary color strategies to drive meaning and differentiation.


The right typefaces compliment the brand logo, convey the desired feeling and support the brand’s position. We determine print and web typography to work with the brand’s visual language.

Brand Style Guides

All great brands have guidelines for how the brand should be used and applied both within the organization and outside of it. It’s not uncommon for us to hear of organizations using mismatched logos, off-brand colors and type. This is often due to lack of the proper guidelines.

One of the reasons clients choose to hire Motto is to create a visual system and style guide so they can achieve brand unification and consistency. Guidelines should include usage parameters such as scale, color specs (hex, Pantone, etc.) primary and secondary typefaces, and improper uses as well.

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