Love for Motto

Motto blew us away. They exceeded our team’s expectations by 100x.

— Annie, VP of Marketing, Artnet

Having been around since 1931, we needed to update our branding to connect with modern customers in this new digital environment. I considered a number of companies, but none of them seemed to understand our goals. They tried to apply formulaic solutions based on the strategies of our competitors. Motto, on the other hand, understood that we needed our own unique identity. They wanted to set us apart in the industry.

Motto is a well-oiled machine. They hit every deadline and kept the project organized. Our discussions are recapped to ensure we’re all on the same page. Motto’s tailored approach ensures a unique brand that stands out. They didn’t try to apply generic, boilerplate solutions. Instead of tweaking the branding of our competitors, they took us in an entirely different direction to help set us apart. This scared us at first, but we trusted them – and it worked. Sales doubled within 2 months of our launch and we are growing month over month.

— Vincent, CMO, Christeli

The Motto team understood the exact vibe and energy we wanted to communicate through our brand. They executed it both strategically and creatively. And, they captured the soul of what we do everyday in a way that helps us tell our story effortlessly.

— Jonathan, Founder, Fort Worth Barbershop

Motto is exceptional. We are getting amazing feedback from stakeholders, investors, and customers. Sunny and Ashleigh (and the team) are a very inspiring to work with. They make sure that the deliverables are done very well. It has been a great experience to work with them, particularly for executives in the company, because they took us on a voyage. Listen to what they tell you to do.

— Danny, Founder, Even

Motto has been crucial collaborators on my special projects. I’ve never worked with such personable people, and I believe that is what separates them from the rest. They work at 110% because they are passionate about what they do, and through that, they get results.

— Johnny, Founder, Johnny Cupcakes

Our hearts exploded with love for everything Motto created for us.

— Lauren, Senior Video Producer, Gannett

This was our first engagement with a branding agency. We did a heavy search for providers for about six months, and received several proposals. I did quite a bit of research and chose Motto. They are more hungry, bold, outgoing, and brash as far as breaking the norms.

Motto focuses on quality and truly understanding what is important and meaningful than other agencies. They are great at digging in and understanding your goals and visions. It was a great experience working with Motto and we’re growing because of their intelligent work.

— Joshua, Co-Founder, Salt of the Earth

Motto increased visitors to our site by 85% and increased conversions by 20% within a few months of our new brand launch. Their work has transformed our business from the inside out.

— Ian, Co-Founder, Serraview

We love Motto. We have been working with them for years and very happy with their level of service and expertise. Motto’s knowledge of branding and design execution has been pivotal in taking our online retail business to the next level. The changes are sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic, but they all equal a coherent brand image that our new and old customers are definitely going to notice. We’ve evolved into a stronger brand with a stronger image.

— Thomas, Founder, Crown & Buckle

Motto has been a long partnership for us and they’ve built our brand since day one. They are very thoughtful and effective at their craft. They think outside the box and bring lots of experience to the table. We are very pleased with how Motto has managed and executed numerous types of branding & design projects for us. We love our brand and so do our customers.

— Michelle, Founder, Munk Pack

The team at Motto is outstanding in every sense of the word. We can’t say enough positive things about what they did for our brand and our company.

— Andrew, CMO, Broker Genius

Our team is so excited at the new name and branding! Thanks for working with us in creating this new face. The vibe here is electric. Thank you Motto.

— Derek, CEO, Hypervibe

My co-founder and I recognized quickly that Motto “gets it”. Their team helped us really think about who we were as a company and the message we wanted to convey. This exercise not only displayed maturity on their part, but it really helped our company solidify and document our purpose. This became much bigger than a branding exercise. It ENERGIZED our entire company!

As we moved from concept into design and content, Motto proves they can deliver. We’ve been thrilled with their work from start to finish. Thanks to them, we really feel like we have “branded our purpose.” Working with Motto has been the most successful 3rd party project in the 12 years of our company. We were struggling, and they more than rescued us. We’ve grown 20% year over year. What would I improve? Nothing.

— Brad, Co-Founder, Call-Em-All

Motto is phenomenal. They are meticulous and focused on you. Our new brand and e-comm website sent sales soaring within a few months of launch.

— Janifer, Founder, IDS Skincare

Motto is one of the best, period.

— Rachel, CMO, Legendary Digital

We couldn’t be more proud of what Motto has created for us and cannot thank you enough for so expertly guiding us through the rebranding process. You have given us a beautiful gift and cohesive foundation from which to grow.

— Bridget, Founder, Sweet Scoops

We received such incredible feedback on our brand. Our team is so pumped with the work Motto has created for us.

— Jere, Co-Founder, Netpure

The work is amazing. I love everything, thank you, thank you, thank you!

— Anna, Founder, TriTonic

We have been working with the most amazing brand your purpose agency ever.

— Wendy R., Founder & CEO, Kadabra

Motto understood our vision and delivered a brand strategy that fit us perfectly. They have been thoughtful and insightful every step of this journey. We look forward to each and every deliverable as our brand becomes more and more vibrant.

— Eric, Founder, Orison

Motto is unbelievably attentive. They are innovative with forward thinking ideas. They communicate passionately, listen intently, and push you to new heights as a company. Truly transformational.

— Boris, Founder, Evolvh

Motto’s work on creating our branding for a new line of supplements and treats was incredible. They possess an expert knowledge on how the market may perceive our products and implemented unique and inventive ways to develop our brand. Not only did they create our logo and look and feel of our products, but they also took an extra step to test the packaging on others. Throughout the entire process, they were personable and professional. We love working with them. We will always highly recommend Motto to all other business associates.

— Charisa, Co-Founder, Cocotherapy

Motto is the masterminds behind our brand: they came up with the name, identity, colors & visual design of the flagship app. Within a short period, they “got” what we were trying to achieve and came up with excellent solutions for our long standing brand and user recognition problems. They are creative, hard working, very easy and fun to work with. I am very happy!

— Dhanush, Founder, Sortly

Motto gave us the brand and visual makeover we had always dreamed of.

— Adarsh, Founder, ProjectArt

Motto was able to tell our story with a well designed and thought out brand. By listening to our employees, our clients and partners, their team charted a path to future brand awareness and recognition.

— Denis, CEO, Avenir

The team at Motto is bold and boisterous, leaders not losers, determined and dedicated.

— David, Founder, Honeydrop Tea

Motto understands that branding is much more than just logos, colors, and design. It was difficult to get to the root of what drives our company. But once found, it provided a clarity that touches on every decision we make.

— Hai, Co-Founder, Call-Em-All

Sunny, Ashleigh and the team at Motto are truly visionary. They’re honest. They’re legit. No B.S. They look at the whole company, it’s purpose, and create an aesthetic and experience that far exceeds what a company could ever dream of.

— Glenn, Chief Mojo Officer, Small Giants