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Year of Small Business Year of Small Business Year of Small Business
Year of Small Business Year of Small Business Year of Small Business

The Year of Small Business is a transformative initiative by Hello Alice, designed to level the playing field in capital access and create jobs for underrepresented entrepreneurs.

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Elevating small businesses into a nationwide movement.

Motto partnered with Hello Alice to elevate the Year of Small Business (YOSB) initiative. We focused on shaping a compelling brand strategy that magnifies the mission: Equitable Access to Capital, Revenue Growth, and Job Creation with Fair Wages for small businesses, especially those led by underrepresented communities.

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  • Category Finance
  • Services Strategy, Messaging, Identity
(02) The

Cracking the code on small business barriers.

The small business landscape is full of opportunities but equally rife with challenges. Access to capital, actionable tools for growth, and job creation often feel like distant goals. More so for businesses led by women and minority groups. The mission was clear: Make the initiative behind the Year of Small Business successful with a targeted, relatable, and effective brand strategy.

(03) The

YOSB DNA: Inclusive language, visual unity, and strategic alliances.

In the quest to resonate with a wide range of business owners, we knew that language mattered. So, we stripped away the jargon and opted for straightforward, welcoming words that make complex topics like capital and revenue approachable. In crafting the brand’s identity, we didn’t just focus on words; visuals played a pivotal role too. We sent clear messages of growth, inclusivity, and community. Hello Alice sought out partnerships with organizations, media, and government agencies. These alliances didn’t just extend the reach; they fortified the brand’s credibility.

Client Testimonial

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“Motto® has been an incredible partner of Hello Alice for many years. They launched the Hello Alice brand to incredible success. It made perfect sense to have Motto® launch YOSB, too.”

(04) Impact Created

Partnerships with Mastercard, NAACP, and the creation of a more equitable business landscape.

Through our vigorous Year of Small Business movement — in an effort to create a more equitable business ecosystem — YOSB helped small and diverse business owners the knowledge, tools, and support needed to navigate a smooth path toward successful entrepreneurship.

  • NAACP Partnership
  • U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Partnership
  • Global Entrepreneurship Partnership
  • Mastercard® Partnership

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