the year of small business

The Year of Small Business

A collaborative movement to strengthen the backbone of our economy.


With a record-setting number of small businesses registered during the pandemic, something big is on the horizon. By prioritizing the New Majority of women, people of color, veterans, and other groups traditionally shut out of resources needed to succeed, this movement proves once and for all that small business owners are the nation’s biggest assets. The Motto team led YOSB leadership to develop a visual and verbal identity that is bold. Brand messaging is empowering, optimistic, and confident — rallying around the idea: “Small Business. Big Moves.” which reflects YOSB’s commitment to helping small business owners do big things.

Scope of Work:

  Leadership Workshops
  Brand Strategy
  Brand Messaging
  Verbal Identity
  Visual Identity
  Art Direction
  Merch Design

We positioned YOSB as a collaborative movement that supercharges small businesses in all 50 states through funding, education, and consumer spending. The identity had to appeal to a broad audience that encompasses partners, entrepreneurs, and consumers.

YOSB secondary lockup system is flexible and allows endless lockup variations that can fit any format or size. In this system, the logo becomes graphic elements for framing content like photography by following a grid system.

Goals of the YOSB movement:
✳︎ Equitable access to funding
✳︎ Revenue growth
✳︎ More jobs that pay livable wages

Key Messaging

The use cases for this brand language needed to be wide. It needed to have a populist feel with a sense of common good and urgency. We knew we also had to be undergirded by the idea that the success of small business owners is a responsibility — and a benefit — to each of us. We wanted to advocate for the underserved. Much of what we are addressing is complex and incremental (capital access, public policy change, job creation, leveling the playing field, improved standards of living) so the YOSB brand language has to engage in a way that makes these things feel possible and worth tackling.

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