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Virgin Voyages Virgin Voyages Virgin Voyages
Virgin Voyages Virgin Voyages Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages is a revolutionary cruise line that offers adventure-seekers an extraordinary, modern voyage at sea, promising an "Epic Sea Change for All."

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Deliver the promise of an Epic Sea Change For All.

Virgin Voyages boasts a compelling external brand and saw an opportunity to amplify its internal VV Crew brand to the same level of excellence. Eager to infuse their promise of “An Epic Sea Change For All” throughout the organization, they partnered with Motto for executive leadership workshops and a refreshed brand strategy. Our detailed analysis focused on elevating internal communications and aligning crew expectations with the brand promise. The mission was clear: make the internal VV Crew brand as magnetic and meaningful as the customer-facing brand.

  • Engagement Foundation®
  • Type New Brand
  • Category Hospitality
  • Services Strategy, Innovation
(02) Motto Method /

Setting sail with purpose and creating a brand strategy for Virgin Voyages.

In a series of focused workshops with Virgin Voyages’ key leaders, Motto laid out a clear game plan. We had three main objectives: first, to separate the internal VV Crew brand from the external brand; second, to review current internal communications to find gaps and challenges; and third, to establish ongoing communication strategies for consistent brand reinforcement. We broke down the brand promise into easily understandable elements, streamlining Virgin Voyages’s path to fortifying its internal brand.

(03) Motto Method /
Brand Strategy

Elevating Virgin Voyages' brand strategy and frameworks.

Through Motto’s Foundation® engagement, we orchestrated a brand strategy overhaul for Virgin Voyages, transforming their communication landscape. From designing a channel map to pinpointing the platforms that resonate, we sculpted a communication framework that hits all the right notes. This work resulted in a crystal-clear internal brand messaging strategy primed for lasting engagement.

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