Case Study


Unlocking the secrets of the soil

Vayda is a bionic, farmer-first organization through our own regenerative agriculture operations, translating learnings to create a platform to enable other farmers to do the same. Vayda mission is to advance regenerative outcomes in agriculture. By combining regenerative principles and a high-tech approach, they are facilitating the reversal of climate change, while rebuilding natural ecosystems and feeding people with healthier food. Motto was hired to create the entire brand foundation including the name.

What We Did:

  Leadership Workshops
  Culture Analysis
  Brand Strategy
  Verbal Identity
  Visual Identity
  Art Direction
  Merch Design

Brand Immersion

Building a regenerative farming brand from the ground up.

At Motto, we’re not farmers or scientists—yet we had to learn to think like ones. Vayda’s offering was complex and we needed to simplify their offering. We were able to tease out industry knowledge from senior stakeholders, decoding their cursive knowledge and making it digestible to outsiders. We simplified what Vayda does in a way that anyone could understand which before hiring Motto had been a challenge for them. What Vayda was offering was incredibly new – by making it more comprehensible, we could get people to buy in sooner. Motto gave Vayda a new name, identity, and the tools to grow in the agriculture space. A brand that was fit for the future of regenerative farming.

Strategic Framework

Rekindle the earth’s spark.

Motto created a condensed version of our usual workshop offering, tailored to fit Vayda’s specific needs. We invited investors, C-suite staff and agricultural specialists to a carefully designed workshop to define the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of their brand.

Together we discovered the answer to these questions, as Motto’s workshop facilitator helped uncover the brand’s archetype – the magician. Symbolic of power and transformation, magician brands are galvanising forces for good. As a brand invested in the natural world, the caregiver initially seemed like a strong contender. But the power of the magician became a unanimous favourite, as the brands future as a changemaker came into focus.

Idea Worth Rallying Around®

Spark Change

We create a brand motto for every brand we work with – a memorable word or a turn of phrase that underpins every story we tell. To spark change in agriculture in a replicable way, Vayda uses a little help from technology. But not at the expense of the earth. Vayda’s innovative methods encourage and transform – they’re a galvanizing force for change.

Naming the Brand

Vayda’s name hid in Sanskrit language.

Motto began with a virtual Naming Workshop where our Chief Strategists led core stakeholders through a facilitated brainstorming session. The workshop outcomes led to a shortlist of name candidates. We sought a name rich in wordplay which could enable us to create pathways for messaging. The natural world pointed us towards earthy sounds with a feminine feeling. We mixed up words, created new ones, and explored Sanskrit language. We landed on the word ‘Vada’ which means “knowledge.” We tied that core theme to the knowledge of the land, something the Vayda brand has roots in. We then added a ‘y’ to make it more feminine, soft, unique, and ownable.

Verbal Identity

Optimistic, smart, motivating, visionary.

When Vayda speaks, they are lofty and positive. A collective of people who believe in solutions, not problems, Vayda is armed with the knowledge that will change the face of modern farming. This sunny outlook invites you to ask questions, to find out more. A unique understanding of the ground beneath our feet has the power to bring about real change. But Vayda is inclusive to the end. Believers in the collective power of people, Vayda sparks conversation in the agriculture community, speaks to investors and engages consumers alike. Everyone has a part to play.

Visual Identity

Connecting it back to the earth.

Tying together complex strands for the uninitiated was bolstered by a strong visual system. Inspired by the cyclical nature of regenerative farming, Motto created a set of symbols that represents the different stages in Vayda’s process. From the precision tracking system for the crops to the natural elements of growth and sunshine, the unique icons neatly tied together Vayda’s offering. This flexible and functional design can be used in any format or platform, giving the team at Vayda an identity that never stops growing.

Work With Motto

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