Sweet Scoops

A joyful rebranding to make the mission known


The creamiest, most ridiculously indulgent frozen yogurt on the planet.

In 1997, The Murray’s started churning out small batch ice cream and frozen yogurt in their garage in historic Salem, Massachusetts. Many years and brain freezes later, they still take that same scratch-made approach with their all natural frozen yogurts, which are half the fat and a third less calories than ice cream. Hormone-free milk and cream from happy, sociable cows in Pennsylvania. Top notch artisanal ingredients and fresh fruit from New England. All stirred in with the utmost care.

Client: Sweet Scoops
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Before the rebrand, sales were plateauing and the brand was stifled. Sweet Scoops hired Motto to give the brand a fresh new makeover.

In a category filled with stiff competition, Sweet Scoops faced new competitive forces which pressured them to make some changes. Every company faced with this challenge has two viable options: 1) cling onto the “old way” that got you into this mess, or 2) rebrand your company with a new vision and image, and start to rebuild. Sweet Scoops’ branding had been largely untouched for many years, and it looked dangerously behind the times. It also lacked personality and a visual edge in the frozen isle. We needed to refresh the packaging and give the brand a new life on shelf.



A successful rebranding requires more than a revamped logo. It demands a vision that inspires customers, retail partners, and employees to see the company in a new light.

We knew whatever we did had to be as amazing as their frozen yogurts and serve as a true leap forward for their business. We did a deep dive on the heritage of the company, the story of the brand, what the journey had been, and what needed to change. We conducted a leadership workshop, and used the learnings from that workshop to articulate what made Sweet Scoops different. We pushed them above features and benefits and focused on a more noble cause for the brand to embody.



If there was one word that inspired our design direction for the packaging, it was “Joy”.

We reimagined the packaging design with the consumer in mind, and created everything to spark joy. We advised Sweet Scoops to not play it safe with the usual motifs like cows and ingredient photography. Instead, we reduce their brand elements to vibrant colors, iconic graphics, interesting typography, and clever copywriting so it stood out in the frozen dessert section. If it doesn’t make you smile, nothing will.


“We couldn’t be prouder of what Motto has created for us and cannot thank them enough for so expertly guiding us through the rebranding process. They have given us a beautiful gift and cohesive foundation from which to grow.“

Brigid Murray CEO, Sweet Scoops

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