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Rebranding a space planning and optimization software solution


Empowering forward-thinking companies to create people-centric workplaces that drive meaningful cultural change.

Traditional office space design and management practices have fallen behind the times. The workforce is evolving and the world is moving on. Serraview believes office space is more than just real estate – it’s a strategic asset and catalyst for cultural change.

Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging
Leadership Workshop
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity


Serraview is a leader in space planning and optimization in Australia, but their expansion into the US market required a rebranding initiative to position the company for global success.

By and large, all their competitors tell a similar story about what they do and their role in the world of work. Serraview wanted to cut through the noise and challenge the old way of thinking about, designing and managing office space.

Before the Rebrand

Before: Busy, confusing, difficult to use. After: modern, clean, iconic, flexible. Since this was an evolution of the old mark, it maintains similar ideas of bringing together multiple elements, just now in a much more simplified, less haphazard way (the way any great workspace would).


Leadership Workshop

Motto worked with Serraview’s leadership to help articulate their positioning and define their brand purpose and vision.

We kicked off with a leadership workshop at their office in NYC where we interviewed key stakeholders, experiences their culture and discussed the big picture of the business. We took the time to understand Serraview’s brand obstacles, key points of difference, audience needs and unique opportunities. With a deep dive complete, Motto was able to develop a brand strategy that identified the appropriate position and voice/tone from which to build the brand around.


“Motto increased visitors to our site by 85% and increased conversions by 20% within a few months of our new brand launch. Their work has transformed our business from the inside out.“


— Ian Morley, Co-Founder, Serraview


A major website redesign brings the new brand to life online.

We worked to simplify the UX experience by restructuring the site, removing unnecessary pages, defining clear selling points, and using iconography and imagery to convey information. The old site was heavy on text and had poor information architecture which diluted the messaging. The new site is clean, clear and visually impressive.

Serraview Branding by Motto Branding Agency
Serraview Branding by Motto Branding Agency

Corporate Photoshoot

Serraview needed to new imagery for both their new office space, the employees and the leadership team. Motto worked with Serraview to art direct the leadership headshots and provide guidance for the office imagery.


Illustration & Dashboards

From new iconography to illustrative re-creations of the Serraview software dashboards, Motto worked to ensure all aspects of the brand identity and visual language was tied together in a consistent narrative both online and off.


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