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Brand creation for D2C bedding and bath essentials.

Serif Case Study

Linens that love you back.

Serif is an emerging D2C bedding and bath startup with curated essentials that are as practical as they are indulgent. Motto worked with the founder to identify and create opportunities for the new brand, define the brand’s positioning, and develop the verbal and visual language to bring the brand to market.

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Visual Identity
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I. Challenge

The market was missing a D2C brand that speaks to the soul of women in times of personal growth and transition.

We found the best way to set Serif apart from the crowd was to appeal to woman in their 40’s – 60’s who have spent their lives taking care of others, and are ready to focus on themselves for a change. She needs affordable luxury and enduring quality. Something that gets better with age. No other brand was doing that.

We celebrate the customer as an individual and encourage her self-care by addressing the emotional and physical things that keep her up at night, such as daily stress, restlessness, worry, and temp control. The brand embodies characteristics present in the product itself — reflecting the luxuriousness of the materials and conveying a modern take on home, comfort, durability, and self-care.

II. Strategy

Serif’s essentials are crafted to make women feel incredible comfort in their most intimate space — the bedroom.

During research, we learned that bedding is tied to a personal, physical relationship with the body. Serif’s target audience is women who are focused on personal renewal, self-care, and transformation. She is looking to reconnect with herself, invest in her self-care and self-worth, and reward her sense of deserved luxury.

Therefore, we communicate the brand in a personal and intimate way, respecting the how the body “feels” between in the sheets or wrapped in a towel. The brand is treated more like nourishment and health than furniture or decor.

III. Visual Identity System

The design sensibility represents what Serif stands for: nurturing the spirit.

We designed the visual language to be crafted and cozy, yet mature and sophisticated. Simplicity is intended for scalability and versatility. The typography style takes cues from the name itself, while the warm neutral color palette introduces the classic vibe and creates a calming effect.

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