Case Study

Revelshine Wines

The Story

Enjoy world-class wines in unbreakable vessels wherever your compass takes you.

Limerick Lane Cellars, a Sonoma County estate winery, partnered with Motto to challenge industry norms and expand its family of brands with an all-new sustainable wine brand packaged in earth-friendly aluminum bottles.

What We Did:

  Brand Strategy
  Brand Story
  Verbal Identity
  Visual Identity
  Package Design
  Style Guidelines

The Big Idea

World-class wines in unbreakable bottles, designed for off the beaten path.

Revelshine Wines let the earth speak, one honest detail at a time. For active, adult consumers who live for rugged luxury, Revelshine lets you experience wine in places that glass bottles don’t work.

The requirements for the bottle were that it be aluminum, fully recyclable, and lightweight, and have the proper shape of a bottle. Our goal was to ensure that consumers could get world-class wine in a manner that transports easily, is rugged enough for treks, seals completely, and is socially and environmentally responsible.

Brand Essence

Revelshine doesn’t inspire through brashness or trendiness, but through honesty, humility and truth.

Soil and sunshine. Rock and fog. Wind and hills. Risk and magic. On the far edge of the Russian River Valley, Revelshine embraces the qualities and distinct character of their unique land, and interferes as little as possible. Hands off, eyes on. It’s an uncommon approach and style of winemaking that takes vision, courage, and commitment.

Visual Identity & Packaging

The most prominent element of the artwork is the rolling graphics that seamlessly flow around the vessels like a landscape.

It was very important that the aluminum material was respected and visible, so we made a conscious decision not to hide it under floods of color or heavy graphics. This way, the beauty of this infinitely recyclable material shows through.

Taking inspiration from nature, a big golden sun takes center stage on the front of the bottle and is hugged by abstract shapes that symbolize rivers, oceans, and mountains to bring you a moment of pause and reflection. The artwork, while suggestive and subtle, creates feelings of awe, wonder, and gratitude.

The color palette for each varietal was chosen to express the characteristics and quality of each wine. Gorgeous greens inspired by forest trees were chosen for Revelshine Red. Rich blues inspired by the ocean were chosen for Revelshine White. Stunning reds inspired by the desert were chosen for Revelshine Rose.

Work With Motto

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