Obsessed About All Things Movie Culture

Noovie Case Study

Obsessed About All Things Movie Culture.

Noovie is a digital ecosystem under the giant brand NCM (America’s Movie Network). Noovie connects brands with movie audiences in the cinema, and brings entertaining online experiences, exciting games, and creative content to movie lovers everywhere, making make the magical feeling of the movies part of their every day.

Motto led the brand overhaul, including repositioning, brand strategy, visual identity, brand look and feel, content strategy, and social strategy, grid and templates for the Noovie rebrand.

What We Did:

  Leadership workshops
  Culture analysis
  Brand strategy
  Verbal + visual identity
  Content + social strategy
  Key copy
  Social media playbook

Project Mission

Make movie-goers obsessed.

Noovie is best known for their pre-movie ad reels that run in major cinemas across the country. Led by host Maria Menunos, these shows run before trailers and primarily catch the attention of real early birds. Noovie wanted to build a stronger connection with their core movie-going audience; teens and twenty-somethings who skip the trailers and stay on their phones. We knew Noovie had to grow their presence not only on the big screen, but on small ones too.

Culture Work

What’s the purpose and vision of Noovie?

Starting with one of our signature Brand Workshops, we led through Noovie leadership team through a series of facilitated sessions. The goal was to clarify what was unclear, clear up the strategy loopholes, and align teams around a common purpose, vision, and mission.

Brand Audit → Culture Workshop → Leadership Interviews → Brand Gap Analysis → Insights Report

Brand Strategy

Obsess with Noovie

In looking at other big platforms that connect with movie-goers, we saw an opportunity for Noovie to bring a new voice to the conversation. Few competitors had an aesthetic and content plan that felt truly representative of modern audiences. Whether it’s the big new Marvel blockbuster or an off-kilter thriller, millennials get excited about what’s trendy, but more importantly what’s good.

Our strategy was to give these fans a place where their tastes and sensibilities would feel reflected; where talking about both Jordan Peele’s favorite horror movies or Buzz Lightyear’s astrological sign would feel right on the money. This vision needed to come alive through every Noovie touchpoint to truly be successful. This meant finding relevant influencers and developing new content ideas to help them share their perspective across their social channels and their cinema spots.

Competitive Audit → Brand Pillars → Brand Architecture → Brand Strategy

Verbal Identity

What does obsession sound like?

“Obsess with Us” is the ultimate rallying cry for Noovie. It leans into the celebratory nature of our mission, positioning Noovie as a community for passionate movie lovers.

The word “obsess” is bold and audacious, and speaks directly to our target audience’s insatiable appetite for content. Inviting people to “Obsess with Us” establishes Noovie as a close friend, someone who is right alongside you as you react to and share what’s going on in movie culture.

We’re in the know enough to obsess but we don’t telegraph that—we’re simply asking audiences to come along for the ride and see all the movie magic for themselves. We wanted Noovie to feel like that best friend you always text about movie moments. A co-conspirator in entertainment culture. Noovie invites fans to obsess with them, not about them. The message puts movies first, and is delivered with the perfect blend of ease and emotion.

Tone of Voice Workshop → Tone of Voice Scale → Brand Archetype → Verbal Identity → Key Messages → Tone of Voice Guidelines

Visual Identity

The star of the show.

Noovie’s biggest visual identifier is their star logo, which is one of the only real mainstays of the brand. We wanted to find new ways to incorporate this element across social, evolving Noovie to an exciting, eye-catching new place. Supported by gradients that are both vibrant dark and an energetic new Poppins typeface, our visual rebrand helps Noovie both stand out and support the movies they share.

On top of solving for the identity across the various brand architecture and sub-brands, we also designed a toolkit of social templates for the Noovie team to execute on.

Creative Brief → Logo System → Brand Architecture → Graphics Package → Illustrations → Brand Style Guide → Social Templates