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Noovie Noovie Noovie
Noovie Noovie Noovie

When Noovie, part of America’s Movie Network, decided to enhance its engagement with moviegoers, it turned to Motto for a full-scale brand overhaul.

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(01) Project

Reimagining Noovie.

Noovie is a digital ecosystem under the giant NCM (America’s Movie Network) brand. Noovie connects brands with movie audiences in the cinema and brings entertaining online experiences, exciting games, and creative content to movie lovers everywhere, making the magical feeling of the movies part of their every day. When Noovie sought to deepen its connection with moviegoers, Motto was chosen to lead a comprehensive brand overhaul.

  • Engagement Flagship®
  • Type Rebrand
  • Category Cinema
  • Services Branding & Activation
(02) Project

Make movie-goers obsessed.

Noovie’s pre-movie ad reels, famously hosted by Maria Menunos, primarily captivated early cinema attendees. The challenge was to extend this engagement to the core audience – teens and twenty-somethings, who often miss these ads due to their engagement with mobile devices. The mission was clear: to broaden Noovie’s appeal, both on the big screen and on the smaller, personal screens of their audience.

(03) Motto Method®
/ Immersion

Big visions need deep immersive thinking.

In our quest to redefine Noovie’s essence, we embarked on a comprehensive journey with their leadership team through our signature Brand Workshops. These intensive sessions were designed to unpack and refine Noovie’s purpose, to streamline its strategy, and forge a unified vision and mission for the brand. We wanted to demystify Noovie’s purpose, streamline the strategy, and create a unified vision and mission.

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Expert & Influencer Interviews
  • Strategic Workshops
  • Brand Audit
  • Competitive Audit
  • Social Listening
(04) Motto Method®
/ Brand Strategy

Creating a space for movie obsession.

After evaluating the competitive landscape, we identified an opportunity for Noovie to resonate more deeply with movie enthusiasts. Our approach centered on reflecting modern tastes and preferences, making Noovie a haven for discussions ranging from trending blockbusters to indie gems.

  • Purpose and Vision Language
  • Audience Persona
  • Idea Worth Rallying Around®
  • Strategic Narrative
  • Positioning Statement
(05) Motto Method®
/ Verbal Identity

Crafting the sound of obsession for the Noovie brand.

“Obsess with Us” – This became Noovie’s battle cry. Bold and engaging, it directly appeals to the audience’s passion for content. The message positions Noovie as an intimate part of the audience’s movie experience, turning the brand into a ‘movie buddy’ for enthusiasts to engage with.

  • Voice Pillars
  • Key Messages
  • Message Library
  • Brand Manifesto
  • Word Kit
  • Verbal Guidelines
(06) Motto Method®
/ Visual Identity

Unlocking the power of the visual Noovie star.

Retaining the iconic star logo, we infused Noovie’s visual presence with fresh vibrancy. A gradient palette and the Poppins typeface transformed Noovie’s visual language into something captivating, enhancing its connection with audiences across various platforms.

  • Vision Boards
  • Logo System
  • Type, Color, Grid System
  • Art Direction
  • Digital Brand Guidelines