Keeping kids safe online


Netpure creates a child safe WiFi network in your home.

Netpure is a router that provides kids a safe connection to surf the web, while adults can continue using an unrestricted network. Learn how Motto helped Netpure evolve their existing brand identity and create new packaging that brought them to market in a more powerful way.

Client: Netpure
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Package Design

Brand Identity

Hot Air Balloon

Netpure’s brand story is brought to life through the use of the iconic hot air balloon symbol. The hot air balloon provides a great vantage point for parents who want to protect their kids from all the bad stuff online. This theme represents the ideas of letting go of fear but feeling safe. It is also a symbol of personal independence, exploration, celebration and excitement — empowering kids with the freedom to learn and play in a safe online environment.


Netpure’s co-founders had 20 combined years of experience delivering internet security systems to The FBI, The Pentagon and The NAVY SEALS and now wanted to bring that same experience to protecting kids online.

The internet is a fantastic place, but like the real world, there are both good and bad things that happen in the online
world. Children are the most vulnerable users and must be protected from unsafe sites and harmful and criminal content. Netpure needed Motto to not only evolve the brand identity but create modern packaging for Apple retail and Amazon.

Packaging Design

Thinking outside the box with a custom tube.

We were inspired by the product’s cylindrical shape to create a custom tube as a cost effective way to package the device. A simple product rendering is displayed on the front panel to almost the exact size of the device inside so consumers can anticipate what they are getting. Inside the tube is a compartment for the accessories that come with the purchase and a foam insert to keep the product safe when shipping.

“We have received such incredible feedback on our packaging. Our team is so pumped with the work Motto has created for us.“

Jere Simpson Founder, Netpure

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