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Through blockchain, Murmur reimagines what it means to “share.”

Murmur Case Study

Make social rewarding.

Murmur is a social app built on blockchain. Through the innovative use of the technology, Murmur has reimagined what it means to “share.” The platform allows users to build transparent, strong connections and generate cryptocurrency rewards for speaking what’s on their mind. Gone are the walled gardens and heavy censorship of traditional platforms; Murmur is rewriting the rules and giving social back to the people who make it special.

Murmur worked with Motto to clarify and strengthen the brand in order to shift the odds in favor of Murmur in the competitive landscape.

Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging
Style Guide
Make social rewarding
I. Challenge

Develop a brand strategy and comprehensive visual identity system to reflect the new brand’s strategic objectives and bring the brand concept to life.

Murmur was created as a reaction to the censorship present on popular social media apps, aiming to create a new frontier of transparency and freedom through blockchain. It features many of the ideas present in its main competitors Mastodon and Twitter, but seeks to build upon them with its incoming (and unprecedented) Reputation System, allowing for deeper trust in interactions on the app.

To communicate the value, Motto began by establishing the core differentiators of the product and then married the practical (gaining crypto rewards) and emotional (feeling good) benefits of using the app. We needed to create a powerful call to action that inspires both the internal team to live out their vision, while exciting users within the community to get more from their sharing experience.

II. Strategy

Make social rewarding.

To appeal to new users beyond blockchain fanatics, we stripped away the jargon that is the scary wild wild west of blockchain and crypto and focused the language on the true benefits of the app. This way, content creators can understand how to reap the rewards of what they make on Murmur, providing a real-world incentive for using the app.

We landed on the brand motto “Make social media rewarding.” It’s a simple, yet powerful overarching phrase that captures a whole world of possibilities for both the brand, the audience base, and the ethos of the company. 

IV. Key Messaging

We set Murmur’s voice attributes to be personal, not corporate. Here’s a few samples of messaging Motto created in their brand voice playbook. 

See what social media can be.
Murmur rewrites the rules of social, championing transparency, trust, and real value to create a platform that is fully rewarding to use.  Join us today and be a part of the future of social media.

Block to the future.
Blockchain technology allows for unmatched accountability in all web interactions. We power Murmur with blockchain because we believe it’s the best way towards ensuring the transparency you deserve.

Powered by the people.
On Murmur, users join together to make the platform the best it can be. Our communities include people around the world connecting and moderating one other, making a space where truly everyone is rewarded for being true to themselves.

Tokens of gratitude.
On Murmur, you raise decibels and MUR tokens through engaging with content with ‘snoops’, ‘yells’, and ‘comments’. The greater the support and more MUR tokens generated. No algorithms or mysterious overlords—just real people recognizing each other’s contributions and ideas with something with real value. That’s what makes Murmur different.


The old Murmur branding was generic and lacked a cohesive visual language. There was nothing telling the brand story.

Not only did Motto design an identity that cements Murmur as a power player in the competitive landscape, we built meaning into the mark and developed the most compelling way of visually communicating the brand essence.

The all-lowercase logotype with subtle rounded corners shows friendliness, while the heavy weight of the type conveys a strong voice and personality. A chat bubble (communication) combined with a star (rewards) shows the value proposition in a clear way. It’s a versatile asset that can be creatively used in branding campaigns. The vibrant purple is a color associated with ambition, creativity, and independence.

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