Money on Honey

A Starbucks darling of chocolate and caramel

Money on Honey Case Study

Relaunching a clean caramel treat made from honey instead of corn syrup.

Michelle Crochet, founder of Droga Chocolates, and creator of Money on Honey is a certified sweet tooth. So when everyone told her that caramel couldn’t be made without processed corn syrup, she took it as a bet and put her “Money on Honey.” With a little determination and some help from the honey bees, she created a uniquely delicious, clean caramel treat made from wildflower honey, fresh cream and real butter.

You can find it at Starbucks, Whole Foods, CVS, Walgreens and other popular retailers.

Client: Droga Chocolates
Brand Strategy
Brand Architecture
Brand Identity
Package Design
Inspire joy in every bite

I. Assignment

Develop a cohesive brand strategy and new packaging to clarify brand architecture, product offerings, and message. Create new brand identity and food photography to position the brand for scale and mass distribution.

As a brand prepping for massive growth, Droga stakeholders approached Motto to help develop the strategic roadmap for the brand. We worked to clarify and simplify the brand positioning and architecture between the parent brand and product brand. From the business plan, we helped the brand team align on long-term strategic goals, the brand’s purpose, vision and core values, and convey the identity and value of the brand.

With the strategy approved, it was time to hit refresh on the logo and packaging. Motto redesigned the visual language and packaging to address notable design problems and strengthen the brand’s bee saving mission with a new Queen Bee symbol. It was important to the Droga team that consumers still recognize the brand but improve the legibility and enhance the look and feel to target a larger demographic.

II. Art Direction & Photography

Gorgeous new product photography for five flavors focused on appetite appeal.

The old package design featured product images that were so hyper realistic they looked nothing like the product inside. The Motto team art directed and shot new photography by first starting with an exploratory day dedicated to testing the chocolate. The full day exploratory allowed us to test the chocolate and caramel in various temperature settings, with various lighting techniques, and set the stage for capturing the perfect shots.

Chocolate is notoriously temperamental and the prep, set up and planning of shooting it perfectly requires strategy and technique. The exploratory was then followed by a two day shoot focused on creating consistency across five flavors by developing a signature look of pulled caramel between the two sides of each piece. Working alongside a handpicked, world-class chocolate photographer who has shot for Dove, Ghirardelli, and more, we ensured the best product photography possible, putting the focus on the star of the story (honey caramel).

III. Copywriting & Brand Personality

Droga, the maker of Money on Honey, was named after the Italian word for ‘drug’, both as a cheeky nod to it’s addictively delicious candies, and as a salute to the inspiration that came from the food culture of Italy.

Here’s how a few clean, simple, high quality ingredients can be combined to form something beautiful and delicious. We were able to articulate the quality, excellence, creativity and positivity into the company’s guiding principles.

Driven by a love of all things chewy, gooey, crunchy and sweet – Droga’s copywriting lacked personality and flair. For an incredible product that is selling out at Starbucks across the nation, we had a tall order to take the brand’s personality to the next level. Starting with the founder story, we captured the origin of the brand and expanded it into delicious headlines that could help position the company into a 50 million dollar brand.

IV. Instagram

We created a series of Instagram templates for quote cards and branded images, so Even could quickly create content with their in-house team.

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