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Merge Labs is a VR/AR company focused on pushing the boundaries of imagination and technology. By merging the physical and digital worlds, building new types of games, toys, and experiences for everyone, ages 10 and up, Merge is paving new ways for consumers to experience virtual reality using their smartphones. Motto was asked to help bring the brand to market in a disruptive and bold way.

Client: Merge VR
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
Look & Feel
Product Renderings
The Future of Play

I. Challenge

With virtual reality becoming the new frontier, Merge needed to refine their brand identity, articulate the brand’s position and create the overarching look and feel for the brand.

After accomplishing some important early milestones, Merge engaged Motto in the evolution of their original brand identity. They reached a point where the original brand and brand identity no longer served their needs, and they were ready to step up their game. Going up against big industry, big budget players, they had to look the part. But fixing the logo was just a piece of it. The more important goal: create a unifying strategy, a clear and distinct voice, and a razor sharp message around which to build the brand.

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