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MAXX-D designs and and manufactures innovative, hard-working, sleek trailers for the builders, fixers, and growers of America.


The world’s most innovative trailers.

MAXX-D designs and and manufactures innovative, hard-working, sleek trailers for the builders, fixers, and growers of America to make their hardest jobs easier and more enjoyable. Motto’s partnership with MAXX-D was forged to solve complex branding challenges related to growth. After 20 years and over 70,000 trailers sold, the brand needed to better communicate its Idea Worth Rallying Around and cure its dated visual identity.

What We Did:

  Leadership workshops
  Culture analysis
  Brand strategy
  Verbal identity
  Visual identity
  Messaging kit
  Social art direction

Project Mission

How do you stay in the lead as competitors crowd into the market you revolutionized?

MaxxD started in 1999 when a young immigrant man, Allen, stepped outside his comfort zone to start his own business building trailers. With a vision to value not just the product, but the people who worked for and with the company,  MaxxD thrived. Motto set out to help Maxx-D solve that problem. The prior branding lacked currency and a compelling narrative. The brandmark got lost easily in the crowd and on the road the name was difficult to read. Maxx-D deeply cared about and respected its customers, but this subtle story was getting buried by flashier, bolder competitors. There’s a rich history behind the brand that wasn’t being leveraged. 

Culture Work

Work shoulder to shoulder with some values-driven, culture-centric Texans.

MAXX-D is located just northeast of Dallas, TX. Their trailers are built by hardworking guys who love their job and Motto wanted to capture that spirit. We began by facilitating a series of leadership working sessions designed to draw out the MAXX-D special sauce. Culture things like celebrating workers on Instagram to unique six-step powder coating processes on all their trailers, we started piecing together who MAXX-D is. We then put our ear to the ground through social listening and market research to reveal their whitespace. Armed with all that insight, we crafted a brand motto.


Support the builders, fixers and growers.

Other trailers are built for the short-term. Maxx-D respects the fact that hardworking people need hardworking trailers that last a lifetime. This breakthrough — that consumers were at risk of settling with competitors who didn’t understand and respect the meaning of their work — unleashed clarity, alignment, and momentum for the brand strategy. We were able to amplify a series of subtle, humble ideas into a powerful message by connecting the brand to its true purpose, which is to support the builders, fixers, and growers of the world to always get better at the work they love. We created the motto “Do What You Love” to anchor the strategy and resonate equally among consumers, dealers, and employees; reaching and connecting deeply with everyone building, selling, and using Maxx-D trailers.


Craft a brand voice and all the communication tools needed to engage, connect, and build relationships.

To develop a brand voice that consumers would pay attention to and trust, it was critical to create passion and energy while staying true to the genuine, humble spirit of Maxx-D. We began with a brand persona that inspires not through swagger, but through being genuine and respectful of consumers’ core needs and way of life. So that Maxx-D could align every communication to the new voice, we developed a series of guidelines, content tools, and writing prompts distilling and conveying the essence of the brand.

Visual Identity

Create a masculine, bold, clean, iconic visual identity.

The new visual identity faced a unique challenge — clarifying and conveying the correct pronunciation of Maxx-D. The prior wordmark of MAXXD led to confusion and differing ideas about how the name should be pronounced, both inside and outside the company. To set the new brand up for success, solving this issue was paramount. Motto conducted additional social listening and leadership interviews to discern the optimal pronunciation of Max-DEE. We designed the new wordmark to teach consumers how to say the name correctly. The result: a clean, modern, readily visible logo that stands out even while moving down the road. 

Next, we translated the brand’s new personality into a cohesive visual system. To align with the brand motto and voice, Maxx-D needed a look and feel that, while modernized, was also generous and approachable. We developed the suit of visual assets to capture Maxx-D’s essence — passionate yet down-to-earth, innovative yet humble — in every important brand moment.

Web & Social

Show the culture and work of the master craftsmen online.

We art directed and showcased to the MAXX-D team how their brand should look on digital and social. Since brand recognition and trust is so important to their customer base, why not work harder to bring the brand forward? We created digital mockups and social grid layouts so that the team had a blueprint to follow.


“Motto was able to identify who we really are as a company and help us own it. Motto kept their word through the pandemic and did what they said they would do. Bravo, and hats off to them for their heroic effort.”

Team at MAXX-D

Work With Motto