When nature calls, Looie answers


Experience the great indoors.

City dwellers in Dallas can put pee pads in the past. Looie provides hand delivered real farm fresh grass patches that make it easy for four-legged friends to conveniently take care of business anytime, without the mess.

Motto partnered with co-founders Ashley and Darla to give Looie it’s name, establish a character (a bulldog), develop the brand voice, personality, copywriting, and visual style including icon sets, packaging, and more.

Brand Identity
When nature calls
Looie answers


Looie arrived at Motto as a fantastic idea to build a product brand around. The founders developed a subscription model to bring the outdoors in, with real, fresh grass that dogs and owners alike love. But they needed an identity to bring it to life.

Looie offers an environmentally-friendly and convenient alternative to “puppy pads”–small, disposable, paper rugs that allow pets to relieve themselves, saving owners money on a dog-sitter or an inconvenient trip home.

As pet grass gains popularity as a sensible alternative to puppy pads, the founders sought to distinguish their product in the local Dallas market by highlighting the incredible convenience of their subscription service and their high-quality products. The only problem? The product didn’t have a name or a brand to push it forward. It was a clean slate for Motto to create a new identity.


This is where Motto came in. We felt that Looie needed to be funny, familiar and fresh, developing a close relationship with their customers through a conversational brand tone and approachable visuals.

After an extensive naming and strategy development process, Motto built an entire world for the newly donned Looie to exist in. The name is intentionally human, inspired by the British term “loo” for bathroom or toilet. There is a smart, quippy voice, unafraid to be frank about Looie’s line of taking care of business. We designed a bright and inviting logo, giving Looie a true brand identity and (cute) face. And finally, a tagline – “When nature calls, Looie answers” – that serves as a battlecry to pique customers’ interest in the product and unite the brand. After many months of hard work, the brand finally had four legs.

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