A design/build community rediscovers their purpose


Celebrating a 20th Anniversary with an immersive rebranding that united a culture, uncovered a war-cry and connected a brand to a larger purpose.

Lifestyle Communities (LC) is a 500 person real estate development company that designs, builds and manages apartment communities in select cities like Nashville and Louisville. The company has experienced catalytic growth and had ambitious expansion plans into new markets which prompted the company to evaluate their culture and improve their branding.

LC hired Motto to dive deep into their business, facilitating an immersive and powerful workshop at the leadership level, reconnect them to their values, while taking the brand to the next level.

Client: LC
Date: 2017
Leadership Workshop
Brand Strategy
Purpose & Visioning
War Cry
Visual Identity
Brand Guidelines
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With an ambitious growth plan to achieve by 2020, we needed to position LC for the future, clarify the brand’s emotional core and communicate the spirit of the brand.

LC’s maturation from a small, entrepreneurial company to a larger enterprise made it necessary to also mature its brand. Foundational elements like purpose, vision, and core values, were simply statements on wall posters, words on the website, and stamps on the office floor, but they were not deeply embedded into the culture and brand.

Due to fast growth, the majority of employees had been with LC less than two years. There was a lack of unity and rhythm as an effective team. There was not a clear understanding of the purpose, vision, and values of the organization because they had not been defined or consistently demonstrated by leadership, and therefore could not be “lived” by employees.

Immersion & Strategy

LC identified the importance of this rebranding to push the company forward to the next level. We took a comprehensive approach and fully immersed ourselves into the company to uncover the heartbeat of the brand before any creative work was developed.

Motto kicked off the Immersion Phase with a 2 week road tour where we went to LC communities across Louisville, Nashville and Columbus to meet and interview employees from all levels and functional areas of the organization. This helped us understand how the LC brand lived in their minds and let us experience the communities first hand. We shopped the competition and wrapped the week with a Leadership Workshop at LC’s headquarters in Columbus, OH.

There, we experienced the corporate culture and conducted strategic and creative sessions with LC’s leadership team and marketing team to start the process of challenging, debating, articulating and refining the company’s vision, values, purpose, and position. In the months that followed, we worked intimately with LC to define the brand and provide a foundation for the core components which set the stage for the well-executed and meaningful new visual identity we created together.

“My sincere thanks to Motto for the thoughtful work and passion for being extraordinary.“


— Chad Thompson, CMO, LC

Design Exploration

After the strategic framework was set, Motto underwent an intensive design exploration with many conceptual directions.

The redesign of LC’s identity was not done to create “a cool new logo.” We set out to design an identity that truly reflects who they are and where they’re going as a company. We closely collaborated with LC every step of the way to overcome every challenge of a rebrand of this scale. The result is a modern and distinct brand identity system that gives meaning to the brand and reflects the essence of LC’s vision and purpose.

LC’s new logo was purposefully designed to express the brand’s essence with a distinctive and iconic visual identity system. Both the exterior container and the placement of the inner lines within the shape have purpose. The heptagon’s 7 points convey LC’s 7 markets. When the logo is overlaid on a map, you’ll see where the cities are plotted and how the lines are thoughtfully arranged to symbolize the connection between them, which together form the greater LC community. All lines lead back to the heart and hub of LC: Columbus, OH.


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