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A new kind of sleep shop


How well you live depends on how you sleep.

Every night’s sleep is consequential. And, let’s face it, sometimes elusive. The quality of your sleep determines how much energy you have. How clearly you think. How happy you are. Your mattress, truth be told, is a pivotal life tool.

Keetsa hired Motto to re-launch and re-brand their DTC business back into a crowded consumer market. We worked immersively and holistically to reposition the brand, design a new brand identity system, write new messaging, design new packaging, create new photography, and design/build a Shopify e-commerce website with email marketing.

How we served:
→ Interview internal/external stakeholders
→ Align leadership team
→ Unite the brand under a common vision
→ Write the brand story
→ Rebrand the brand identity
→ New Shopify Plus design/build
→ Redesign all packaging
→ Store and retail conceptual
→ Photoshoot for lifestyle and product

I. Brand Immersion

Take a once trendy mattress company that lost its way, recharge the spirit of its leadership, and re-position the brand to win.

Like many a good story, Keetsa’s brand started with two co-founders wanting to radically change a traditional model. Keetsa was the first mattress manufacturer with pioneering technology for applying the mattress-in-a-box format to coil as well as conventional foam mattresses. 

The founders opened its first store in 2007 on 9th street in San Francisco. Expansion followed with three additional sleep shops in Berkeley, Venice Beach, and New York City (Soho). However, in 2018, the brand started to lose traction and Keetsa needed to regain their footing in an oversaturated mattress market.

Motto stepped in with a series of our signature Brand Workshops to align the founders, recharge the batteries of the Keetsa team, pull out what was special about the brand, and start with an entirely new point of view for the brand to own.

Brand Audit → Breakthrough Workshops → Leadership Interviews → Brand Gap Analysis → Insights Report

II. Brand Identity

Modernize the dated Keetsa logo and wordmark.

Motto began developing a new brand system and visual language. Through various mood boards, we aligned with the Keetsa team on a direction, focused on a precise weight and style. We then explored letterform variations (especially “K”) as they relate to the wordmark directions.

All our lettering was done from scratch without using an existing typeface. This allowed us to give Keetsa a word mark that was made entirely just for them.

Creative Brief → Mood Boards → Logo → Icon → Wordmark → Graphics Package → Illustrations → Unboxing Brochures → Product Tags → Brand Style Guide

III. Shopify Plus E-Commerce Store

Redesign and rebuild a new e-comm shopping experience with email marketing built in.

Team Motto re-imagined an entirely new e-commerce Shopify Plus website from the ground up. Through powerful digital workshops, sketching, wireframing, and revisiting the experience Keetsa shoppers were having, Motto tore down what wasn’t working and architected a new framework for success.

With a focus on increasing sales, conversions and shopping cart abandonment, Motto worked closely with the Keetsa leadership team to ensure no loophole was overlooked. By addressing a smoother, more fluid website experience, we were able to launch the new Keetsa website and boost sales starting on day one of the site going live.

UX Discovery Session → Content Analysis → Site Map → Website Design → Shopify Plus Build → Copywriting → Klavio Email Marketing

IV. Art Direction & Photography

Art direct, style and shoot an immersive collection of new lifestyle and product photography for social, web, video, and packaging.

For the social media campaign and new e-commerce Shopify Plus website that Motto designed and built, we also art directed, styled, planned, storyboarded, styled, shot and art directed a seamless photoshoot to create jaw-dropping new brand images.

The Motto team obsessed over every detail for the two day photoshoot. We chose the lighting, room settings, wardrobe looks, hair and make-up to inspire consumers with emotional images that celebrate the brand in new ways.

Mood Boards → Art Direction → Shot List → Storyboarding → Set and Talent Styling → Location Scouting → Model Selection → Creative Direction → Image Retouching → Final Selections

V. Verbal Identity & Tone

Fresh, personality-driven copy and messaging in the tone of Keetsa.

For every brand we work on, we always look to create copywriting that is story-driven and evokes an emotion. In today’s landscape, brands without a voice do not stand out.

We worked on various Tone of Voice exercises for Keetsa and landed on the right tone and personality for the brand. From headlines to body copy across their brochures, manuals, instructions, and e-commerce website pages, we made every word worthy of audience attention.

Tone Workshop → Tone of Voice Scales → Keywords → Brand Story → Key Messages → Product Copy → Website Copy → Social Copy → Tone of Voice Guidelines

VI. Packaging & Unboxing

Create new packaging and reimagine the unboxing experience for consumers.

From the shipping boxes to the collateral materials to the unboxing experience, Motto worked to unify and create an unforgettable experience for Keetsa customers. We worked through core assets such as eye masks, unboxing instructions, and email receipts and purchase confirmations. Every micro and marco aspect of the Keetsa experience was designed to keep Keetsa customers coming back again and again.

Package Design → Product Tags → Unboxing → Photo Realistic Renderings


“Motto is an amazing team, sincere and easy to work with. We foresee having a long-term relationship with them.”

Dannie Lee Co-Founder

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