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This sleep shop gets a brave brand makeover


A new kind of sleep shop.

Every night’s sleep is consequential. And, let’s face it, sometimes elusive. But how well you live depends on how well you sleep. How much energy you have. How clearly you think. How happy you are. Your mattress, truth be told, is a pivotal life tool.

Like many brands that approach Motto, Keetsa was at a crossroads. The 15-year-old brand was once a pioneer, but had lost it’s way in a market where other mattress brands were taking over. They needed a shot in the arm—a bold, disruptive shot to the moon. Motto gave Keetsa an entire brand makeover, soup to nuts, and the before/after transformation is staggering.

Client: Keetsa
Brand Strategy
Brand Motto
Brand Messaging
Brand Identity
Shopify Website
Unboxing & Packaging
Email Marketing
A Conscious Collection
Keetsa Branding by Motto
Keetsa Branding by Motto
Keetsa Branding by Motto


Take a 15-year-old pioneering mattress company that lost its way and relaunch it into a saturated market in a ridiculously bold way.

Like many a good story, Keetsa’s brand started with two co-founders wanting to radically change a traditional model. Fifteen years ago, Keetsa was a family-owned mattress manufacturer with a pioneering technology for applying the mattress-in-a-box format to coil as well as conventional foam mattresses. The new process held much promise because it reduced the shipping volume of mattresses to a quarter of what could be achieved with standard packaging methods. None of the existing mattress brands, however, were willing to take a chance on such an unconventional process. After repeated rejection, founders Dannie and Andy Lee decided to launch their own brand—Keetsa.

The founders opened their first store in 2007 on 9th street in San Francisco, debuting their radical new retail model—serene, stress-free shopping, high-quality products, reasonable prices, and thoughtful customer care. That model resonated and Keetsa quickly built a loyal following. Expansion followed by opening two additional sleep shops in California (Berkeley and Venice Beach) and one in New York City (Soho). They then carefully increased partnerships with furniture retailers and hotels and extended their customer-first ethos to our online shop. However, in 2017, the brand started to lose traction and they needed to regain their footing in a market where every company is a mattress company.

Keetsa Branding by Motto
Keetsa Branding by Motto


Give Keetsa a new position, point of view, and bold war-cry in the market.

Keetsa partnered with Motto to do an exploratory deep dive including research, insights and make subsequent strategic recommendations around its brand positioning and strategy. One of the surprising things we found was that more than 60% of Keetsa sales come from existing customers and the people they have referred. In fact, some of the bigger brands were sending their customers a Keetsa while their beds were being made and customers were keeping the Keetsa and cancelling their orders with competitors. More importantly, we learned that many customers saw several of the leading mattress brands as “silicon” and “plastic” and lacking human warmth in the landscape. Something that Keetsa was already doing really well. 

Keetsa Branding by Motto
Keetsa Branding by Motto

Art Direction & Photography

Create a immersive collection of new lifestyle and product photography for social and Shopify.

For the social media campaign and new e-commerce Shopify Plus website that Motto designed and built, we also art directed, styled, planned, storyboarded, styled, shot and art directed a seamless photoshoot to create jaw-dropping new brand images. The Motto team obsessed over every detail for the two day photoshoot. We chose the lighting, room settings, wardrobe looks, hair and make-up to inspire consumers with emotional images that celebrate the brand in new ways.

Keetsa Branding by Motto
Keetsa Branding by Motto
Keetsa Branding by Motto

“Motto is an amazing team, sincere and easy to work with. We foresee having a long-term relationship with them.“

— Dannie Lee, Co-Founder, Keetsa

Keetsa Branding by Motto
Keetsa Branding by Motto


Fresh, personality-driven copywriting built in the tone of voice of Keetsa.

For every brand we work on, we always look to create copywriting that is story-driven and evokes an emotion. In today’s landscape, brands without a voice do not stand out. We worked on various Tone of Voice exercises for Keetsa and landed on the right tone and personality for the brand. From headlines to body copy across their brochures, manuals, instructions, and e-commerce website pages, we made every word worthy of audience attention.

Keetsa Branding by Motto
Keetsa Branding by Motto

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