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Modern e-commerce for modern skincare


Modern e-commerce for modern skincare

Created by Dr. SK Tan, the renowned founder of Singapore’s DRx botique chain of aesthetic clinics, IDS is a skincare line made to deliver highly visible results that surpass those achieved by most prescription products, without the side effects they often cause. Through a process of relentless innovation, they combine clinical expertise with deep consumer understanding to deliver a truly unique and efficacious product range. IDS hired Motto to bring their brand to life online with a new e-commerce experience.

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I. Challenge

IDS’s old website was poorly structured and the look and feel was dated and uninspired.

A lot rides on the success of any new website. It determines not only how an audience perceives you, but more importantly, it shapes how they feel about you. With their business prepped for growth, IDS needed a new website that provided a beautiful shopping experience for customers — one that matched the quality of their products and reflected their brand purpose which is all about stripping back and removing the unnecessary, and inspiring and empowering women to be their confident, natural best.

II. E-Commerce Website

Motto created a high-converting Shopify website that helped  IDS accomplish their sales objectives. We were able to double sales within a few weeks of launch.

We built the site structure and wireframes to be in sync with strategic goals. The website not only looks modern, fresh and beautiful, it is informational and educational about what the products do, and what benefits they provide. The whole experience is has a simplicity, elegance and confidence about it.

Skin Story App

A cool feature of the site is an integrated web and mobile app that analyzes a user’s skin and provides product recommendations based on their unique skin type.

We named the app “Skin Story.” The result is a highly sophisticated shopping experience with a customized set of tools to find the perfect products for your skin.


“Motto is phenomenal. They are meticulous and focused on you. Our new brand and e-comm website sent sales soaring within a few months of launch.”

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— Janifer Yeo-Tan CEO & Co-Founder

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