Rebranding the producers of CountryUSA & RockUSA


With event producers Goldenvoice and LiveNation ruling the market with strong brands, Hypervibe needed to put some gravitas into theirs.

Raised in the music business by his parents, Derek Liebhauser and his family are producers of annual music festivals CountryUSA and RockUSA. After 22 years in business, Derek decided to take the company and brand in a more exciting direction. Under Derek’s vision, Motto guided their parent brand through a radical renaming, repositioning and rebranding to emerge as Hypervibe.

Client: Country USA / Rock USA
Brand Strategy
Brand Position
Brand Identity


Appeal to millennials, update the aesthetic and ambiance of the events, bring in new food & beverage experiences, improve social media presence, perfect the talent mix.

Like most shifts in leadership, Derek brought a new vision to the company. His leadership resulted in major organizational change that influenced the course the company would take. His vision was to create a parent brand with its own distinguished identity. In the past, Starshow Presents was never a known entity to festival goers. Derek wanted to create awareness of the company and for Hypervibe to become a name associated with the shows they produce.


Hypervibe: A hybrid of Hyper meaning “overexcited, manic” and Vibe meaning “feel, atmosphere.”

In an effort to establish the new brand and stay ahead of the festival curve, a total rebranding with a new name was necessary to support the company’s future. To kick off the naming process, we developed a detailed creative brief with several “creative buckets” that guided our naming work. “Cutting edge, electric, hip, indie” were the springboards to our ideas. We generated 250+ name ideas and culled the larger list down to our top recommendations based on the naming goals and parameters. The team fell in love with Hypervibe. The name hit all the right spots and accomplished Derek’s goals of finding a name that elicits feelings of euphoria and excitement.

Visual Identity

Bold color, unpredictable typography and in-your-face design crank up the intensity.

The design of the wordmark is supercharged and street-wise, with its brush-style lettering that bursts with energy. It is unapologetically loud and fast-paced to communicate the brand’s personality.

“Our team is so excited at the new name and branding! Thanks for working with us in creating this new face. The vibe here is electric. Thank you Motto.“


— Derek Liebhauser, VP, Hypervibe

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