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The bug life chose me


Grubbly Farms makes nutritious daily snacks for healthy, happy chickens.

Their goal is to close the loop in our agricultural system by upcycling pre-consumer food waste to produce a sustainable and healthy source of protein for animals via the utilization of insects. Their automated system feeds black soldier fly larvae food waste and then dries the larvae to create nutritious insect-based animal feed.

Client: Grubbly Farms
The Bug Life Chose Me

I. Challenge

Make Black Soldier Flies sexy. Educate consumers on insect based animal feed. Create a brand that disrupts the agricultural loop.

The team launched their first product, Grubblies, which are USA grown Black Soldier Fly larvae chicken treats. However, they were finding a disconnect between how the product was perceived by consumers and the overall mission of the company. They needed customers to know that Grubblies is more than just a chicken treat product — it’s a sustainable brand with a big, important vision.

II. Strategy

Position the brand as an innovator and create a brand that reflects the coolness of bug life.

As a key driver of success and profitability, the brand for Grubbly Farms is paramount. Motto brought the brand concept to life through the look & feel and brand identity system. We took inspiration from their insect based protein feed and designed several explorations of an abstract soldier fly icon to serve as the brand’s symbol. In the final logo, the fly’s wings are shaped in an infinity loop which is a nod to their vision of sustainability and closing the agricultural loop. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the mark carries dual interpretation. The fly could also be read as the front view of a chicken’s face with the eyes in the infinity loop and the beak where the fly’s body is. With a symbolic logo at the center of the brand, everything else falls into place.

III. Subscription Shopify Website

The design of the website is a major step forward from their startup site, and gives consumers the ultimate Grubbly experience. Oh, and the ability to get Grubbly’s every month.

Not only does it look beautiful, it functions even better. With Grubbly Farms’ subscription model, Shopify was the platform of choice. As an e-commerce business, the website must also clearly communicate about who they are and the impact of the business. We designed the site to be very educational about this new industry and why it is needed.  This includes both teaching about the consequences of our current agricultural methods and the benefits of insects as food.  

IV. Art Direction & Photography

Motto art directed and orchestrated a photoshoot on a chicken and alpaca urban farmlet in Georgia to capture the essence of the backyard chicken lifestyle.

Stunning imagery was crucial to the success of the Grubbly Farms brand. Our shot location was at the urban farm of a happy Grubbly Farm’s customer just outside of Atlanta, GA.

Our team descended on the farm at dawn and wrapped at dusk. We captured beautiful images of the 20+ chickens gobbling up their beloved Grubblies, gorgeous organic eggs with big golden yolks, black soldier flies, lifestyle shots, as well as new headshots.

V. Team Headshots

We’re big fans of doing team headshots. It creates a visual consistency for the brand and shows there are real people behind the business.

We took new headshots at the farm to capture the beautiful natural setting which reinforces the eco-friendly spirit of the company.

VI. Tone of Voice & Message

With the tall order of making bugs cool while educating the audience, we crafted the tone of voice with a cheeky, yet informative personality.

The topic of bugs and larvae is quite scientific and technical (and gives most people the willies!), so we wanted to make the writing more approachable by cheering things up and adding a touch of humor to make it easy for consumers to understand and interested enough to buy into the story.

Motto Grubbly Farms Branding

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