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Green Mustache

Nourishing the next generation


Greens for all, big and small.

Founded by VanTrang Manges, a Brooklyn-based mom with fruit and veggie-fearing kids, Green Mustache is a kid-friendly, organic, non-GMO line of green smoothies and gluten-free, vegan snacks. The brand offers quick and tasty ways for kids to get the nutritional benefits of fresh fruits and leafy green generally lacking from their diets. Motto was hired to create the brand and help bring the product to market.

Client: Green Mustache
Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Greens for All!


Launch a kid-friendly fruit & veggie juice smoothie brand for kids who hate fruit & veggies.

Most kids don’t get nearly enough produce in their diets. Their picky palates (a normal developmental stage for children) compound the problem – frustrating even the most patient parents. After winning with green smoothies at home for her two daughters, VanTrang wanted to help other parents work fruits and veggies into their kids’ daily routine in a way that actually appeals to kids instead of turns them off, so they can get the nutrition their little bodies need. It’s true, there are a lot of nutritional beverages on the market, but none were made just for kids or with a focus on greens.


What’s not to love about a name like Green Mustache? Motto created a lovable, playful brand name that evokes feelings of fun when said or heard.

We love coming up with creative and catchy brand names for our clients. But first we had to go through a naming exploration and drum up batches of names. Once we had a narrow list, we then had to screen those names for trademark approval. We finally landed on Green Mustache. Green Mustache was inspired by the green colored mustache you get after drinking one of these super tasty smoothies, which are packed with nutrient-dense leafy greens like kale and spinach. It’s approachable and fun for everyone, and lends itself perfectly to an iconic treatment in the logo and on the packaging.


Develop a fun, playful brand that speaks to kids with ingredients health-conscious moms would feel good about.

First thing first, we got to the heart of the brand concept which is to nourish the next generation by creating delicious and nutritious organic products that give kids the real nutrition they need to grow up good & healthy.

Design Exploration

The exploration for Green Mustache involved designing various characters and layouts to arrive at the perfect execution for the brand. The mustache had to be central to the design and characters as a whole so everything we designed was built around it. The mustache and letters were all hand crafted in order to give the brand an organic and natural feel.


We created a series of green mustache-wearing animal characters to represent the flavors.

This allowed us to achieve differentiation between flavors and promote the uniqueness of each flavor through various animals and color combinations.

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