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Fort Worth Barber Shop

An old school barbershop gets a new school look

FWBS Case Study

Fort Worth Barber Shop mixes an old school feel with a new school approach.

When Jonathan Morris couldn’t find a good barber shop in Fort Worth, TX, he decided to quit his job and open his own. Service is done the old fashion way, with a hot towel, hot shaving cream, and a straight razor. But what’s not the same is the feeling you get when you’re there. The shop is always pumpin’ with a carefully curated playlist enhanced by sounds of buzzing, clipping, shaving, and beer bottles clanking.

Motto was brought in to take the Fort Worth Barber Shop brand to the next level. We conducted an in-person discovery session to kick things off. Then we rolled out a new strategy for the brand, including art direction of a new photoshoot, new company headshots, copywriting, and a brand new website design and build. One of the key features needed to have a built-in appointment setter so patrons could book a cut and a shave with ease online.

How We Served:
→ Discovery session
→ Brand strategy
→ Brand guidelines
→ Copywriting
→ Website design/build
→ Art Direction
→ Set styling
→ Photoshoot

→ Whatever you do, strive to do it well

→ Barber Shop

→ B2C

I. Our Mission

Redesign an outdated website with a strong use of clean design, so it better reflects the experience of their brick & mortar shop.

FWBS had put all their effort into their physical location, but allowed their website to become outdated. It was time to get the site up to date with emerging trends and technologies. The effort has been rewarded with increased site traffic and time on site, reduced bounce rate, and increased number of bookings.

II. Art Direction & Photography

Motto’s team art directed and coordinated a new photoshoot that captured the essence of the shop’s barbers and reflects their story, culture and vibe.

Motto coordinated a one-day on-location shoot using the shop’s own local clients for authenticity and to reflect the true personality of the space, its staff, and its patrons. We created a shot list with planned scenarios but also grabbed some in-the-moment shots to document the environment and grab candids of people working, talking and hanging out throughout the day.

III. Team Headshots

Motto shot a new batch of headshots for the FWBS team.

We set everyone up for new headshots on simple backdrops to make it easy to duplicate the headshot style as the team grows. We did a few different batches, one with the aprons on, one without.

IV. Website Design & BUild

The design of the new FWBS website was a step forward for the business.

Motto worked closely with Jonathan to map out what kind of experience he wanted for the new website. It was important for him that we capture the heart of FWBS and the men who come to the shop. We visited the barber shop a few times and it was clear this wasn’t just a place for a cut and a hot towel shave, but a community of friends and family. It wasn’t uncommon to see the same faces again and again. Another aspect of FWBS is the integrity of the brand. It was evident the brand already had a strong 50’s vibe and the personality of the brand is influenced by that time period. We expanded on that look and feel and drove it throughout the site by creating new assets such iconography, custom typography and the strict black, blue and white color palette.

V. Illustrations

An illustration style that brings the vibe of the 50’s to life and gives the audience that trusted Barber Shop feel.

Motto created unique lockup type treatments using phrases that spoke directly to FWBS’s audience. By evoking a sense of nostalgia and trust, we were able to communicate visually through a style that is felt throughout the barber shop.

“The Motto team understood the exact vibe and energy I wanted to communicate through my brand and executed it through our website both strategically and creatively.They captured the soul of what we do everyday in a way that helps us tell our story effortlessly.“

Jonathan Morris Founder, Fort Worth Barber Shop