E&J Gallo Winery

A global wine brand gets a new voice and message campaign


Celebrate life’s moments – big and small.

In an effort to engage new consumers and elevate the brand, E&J Gallo Winery approached Motto to create conceptual campaign ideas to tell the story of one of their most popular wine brands, Mirassou. Mirassou wanted fresh ideas to break through the clutter and appeal to the target audience.

Client: E&J Gallo Winery
Brand Strategy
Campaign Concepts
Find Your Fire


Born to Shine.

Leveraging the brand’s sacred sun symbol, this concept is a reminder to women everywhere that, like the sun, we are all born to shine. There is an inspiring attitude shared by women who tackle life head on, with spirit, strength and grace. In the face of significant adversity, Mirassou’s founder Henrietta Mirassou, singlehandedly kept the family winery alive. As a tribute to her, Mirassou continues to honor women and encourages them to live boldly with courage and conviction.


Find Your Fire.

The sun is a symbol of many things, including fierce passion. To live life to the fullest, you need passion that burns as bright as the sun. This concept encourages you to find your passions and awaken the fire within.


Cheers to Strong Women.

There’s a sense of pride when you find your tribe – the people who celebrate you, inspire you and lift you up. This concept celebrates a world of sisterhood and values the deep bonds we share with the strong women in our lives. Mirrasou honors the those special relationship and is proud to raise a glass to them.


Stay Golden.

This concept is inspired by sunny California’s unique “golden state of mind.” Stay Golden is a message to live happy, keep positive, love life.

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