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HoMedics’ mission is to bring innovative and effective mental and physical wellness solutions that meet the needs of ever-changing lives. Motto was hired to define ‘Home Wellness’ with an in-home product that helps you feel more mindful and in the moment, without having to dedicate time and practice to meditation or other physical activities. Motto defined the brand strategy, named the brand/product, developed the verbal identity, visual identity, package design, art direction, social, core collateral, and established the holistic brand language.

What We Did:

  Brand Workshops
  Brand Name
  Brand Strategy
  Voice & Verbal ID
  Visual Identity
  Art Direction


For centuries human beings have found solace in gazing upon a koi pond or walking through a zen garden. Drift helps people in their pursuit of holistic health and wellbeing.

Home is the center of our lives. We’re spending much more time in this space – living, working, and thinking about what ‘home’ really means to us. At the same time, it’s also doubling up as a classroom, office, and gym. As boundaries begin to dissolve, home wellness is jumping up on the agenda as people want beautiful spaces that create a sense of peace.

A major trend for 2021 and beyond is infusing mindfulness and emotional wellness into brands and products. Increasingly, people are looking for products and services that boost their inner wellbeing. The constant pressure to be on fire all the time – personally and professionally – is causing people to burn through their reserves. Amid a growing focus on wellbeing, people are confronting the impact of the always-on modern life. They are on the hunt to battle the burnout. The whitespace for Drift sits perfectly at the intersection of these two trends. A mesmerizing sandscape which makes your living space look as amazing as it makes you feel.

Idea Worth Rallying Around™

Invite calm in.

“Invite Calm In” is the rally cry – the key message that encapsulates the essence of our product positioning. This is what we are all about. To not just make a nice product, but to invite people into a state of mind that’s never been more needed.

The rally cry is both liberating and inspiring; a message to care more for the self by carving out space for mindful living. To transform our environment and mood through unique experiences that awe. It’s a brand mantra, a life motto, a branded hashtag.#InviteCalmIn

Naming the Brand

Why we chose the name Drift for the brand.

Drift is both a noun and a verb. In the early 14th century it meant “being driven” (at first of snow, rain, etc). The word “drift” comes to us from Middle English (‘mass of snow, leaves, etc.’), originally from Old Norse to mean ‘snowdrift, something driven.” Later used from Middle Dutch to mean “course, current” or “to float or be driven along by a current.”

At the core of our brand strategy is the brand name. The “Drift” concept is the most powerful force in the product. We leveraged it to draw our audience into a close, committed, and empowering relationship. By infusing the essence of drift into everything the brand does, we are able to tie an experience to the brand that deepens how people think and feel about themselves and their well-being.

Nature: Sand, beach, desert, landscape
State: Mindfulness, wellbeing, relaxation
Magic: Curiosity, awe, wonder, captivation

The Visual Identity

The Drift band is colorful and calming by design.

Simple and effortlessly cool, the art direction for Drift was built around a set of consistent creative characteristics. We created sandscape patterns, pastel gradients, and calming colors to reinforce the brand name and product attributes. 

Website & App Direction

A digital app and website.

Motto set the digital app and website direction to establish the brand’s platform. By elevating the bring the brand voice and personality through to art direction, photography, and product, we were able to orchestrate the full brand at every major touchpoint.

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