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A brand refresh that makes hiring more human.

Comeet Case Study

Humanizing the Hiring Experience.

Comeet is a next generation recruiting platform that brings all the key players in the hiring process together: recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. Each of these parties deserve a hiring experience without friction — one that is joyful, transparent, and affirming. As Comeet expanded into the US from Israel, they needed to refresh their branding as well. Motto expressed their brand strategy with verbal and visual identity aimed to clarify, simplify, and speak to all stakeholders. 

What We Did:

  Leadership workshops
  Culture analysis
  Brand strategy
  Verbal identity
  Logo + Visual identity
  Key copy
  Messaging kit

To distinguish their brand from the rest, Comeet needed to lead with their mission of powering exceptional hiring experiences for everyone involved.

There are few if any clear, sustainable, and beneficial product differences among ATS brands. Faster, Better, Smarter is tablestakes. Comeet is different, and we brought that difference to life in the branding.

The strength of Comeet’s brand strategy is that it centers around the concept of collaborative hiring. When recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers are in sync and communicating smoothly, the hiring process can work at its best. So Motto codified the brand’s mission, vision, and values, and created a verbal and visual identity to express the essence of the brand and shape the brand experience for all stakeholders.

The Comeet logo celebrates the winning spirit of collaborative hiring.

To capture Comeet’s enthusiasm for collaborative hiring, Motto created a brand system inspired by teamwork, taking design cues from the concept of people working together to achieve success. The brand symbol’s celebratory presence and inclusive shape is a mirror of what Comeet does best – bringing people together to create win-win-wins.

Ultimately, the design language represents what Comeet stands for, what they believe in, and why they matter.

Just as 3 parties come together to form a greater whole, the 3 circular elements come together to form a cohesive symbol. There’s no hierarchy between them — the recruiter, hiring manager, and candidate each work in partnership.

The Comeet brand is celebratory, motivating, and positive — just like the hiring process when it’s excelling. The logo reflects this mood, alluding to a joyful team raising their arms.

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