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Colliers Colliers Colliers
Colliers Colliers Colliers

Global brand strategy and campaign for Colliers, the world's leading global commercial real estate services and investment management company.

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(01) Project

Rally around a bold vision and pioneer the next era of real estate leadership.

Colliers is a world-leading diversified professional services and investment management company. They operate in 60+ countries and manage assets worth $99B. Our work with their leadership focused on bolstering their Enterprise ’25 Growth Strategy and enhancing their global brand presence. Together, we crafted a sophisticated master positioning strategy and campaign, meticulously designed to resonate across a multitude of platforms, audiences, industries, and cultures.

  • Engagement Fullsail®
  • Type Brand Refresh
  • Category Real Estate
  • Services Strategy, Messaging, Visual ID, Activation
(02) Project

Promoting the strength and diversity of the Colliers brand on a global scale.

Disruptive industry events and market trends are transforming how the world works and how Colliers does business. Never has there been a more important time to strengthen brand awareness and reinforce Colliers’ position as the strategic force leading the industry forward. The focused goal was to assert Colliers as the benchmark for confidence, stability, and future-readiness as the industry rapidly evolves.

(03) Business

An inclusive, collaborative approach to unite five global regions under one big idea.

We collaborated with 15 global leaders to align with long-term strategic business goals and achieve success on this project. We worked most closely with the Director of Global Brand Operations, the Director of Global People Operations, the Global Chief Brand and People Officer, and executive leaders representing five global regions—US, LATAM, Canada, EMEA, and APAC—to leverage unique insights and expertise.

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Cross-Functional Workshops
  • Brand Audit
  • Competitive Audit
  • Sector Specific Research
(04) Brand

Emphasizing Colliers' role as a strategic future-ready partner.

Colliers aims to be seen as an indispensable strategic partner in accelerating client success worldwide, so we centered our strategy under the banner of “Accelerate your success.” This big idea is simple, meaningful, and omni-directional, highlighting Colliers’ role as a success accelerator. The strategy is crafted to engage three key audience groups—Investors, Occupiers, and Talent—and cultivate deeper relationships with each.


  • Audience Personas
  • Big Idea
  • Strategic Narrative
  • Campaign Concept

“Our greatest challenge was creating a concept that stands out in the market while also being easy to execute across several different audiences, industries, sectors, geographies, and cultures.”

(05) Verbal

A clear, confident, compelling voice that is unmistakably Colliers.

We crafted the tone of voice to be Empowering, Direct, and Conversational, strategically designed to enhance connection and trust with their diverse audiences. The empowering tone motivates and supports clients, the directness ensures communication is clear and authoritative, and the conversational style makes the brand more relatable and accessible.

  • Voice Persona
  • Voice Pillars
  • Word Kit
(06) Messaging Framework

A scalable message that adapts for global resonance.

As skillsets and resources in each country vary, the campaign copy needed to be easy to execute. We developed a messaging framework to adapt to each audience by using a dynamic messaging approach that swaps out the word “success” for various other nouns that resonate with and empower the different audience segments. This customization maintains the core message while directly addressing audience-specific goals.

  • Messaging Framework
  • Verbal Guidelines
  • Copywriting
(07) Visual

The visual system is highly flexible and maintains a clean, organized look.

One of Colliers’ requests was to have a vast but simple visual system that felt consistent and memorable but could be flexible to work across any touchpoint. A key focus of the creative was the thoughtful evolution of the color palette and using elements inspired by the logo’s geometry to create a sense of movement and progression, echoing the theme of acceleration. This was paired with a motion suite that would gain momentum as it began to move to support the theme of “Accelerating success.”

  • Type, Color, Grid System
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Motionography
(08) Brand

A playbook to ensure the consistent execution of the system across all corners of the globe.

We directed and developed creative to illustrate how the campaign could be brought to life across a series of channels/mediums, including display, social, and print advertising, email marketing, video/motion applications, event/tradeshow applications, and social media.

  • Campaign Storyboards
  • Campaign Script
  • Campaign Concept & Direction
  • Sonic Branding