chance athletics branding


Motto x Chance

Taking chances takes guts. 

Meet Chance, a sporting ball company that inspires players to bet on themselves. Chance sells basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs that are trendy and stylish. The products use vibrant colors, prints, and styles so that customers can express themselves more when they’re on the field. Motto was hired to help craft the brand’s position, carve out the unique territory the brand could own, create the brand’s verbal identity, messaging and story, and help build out the brand’s art direction.

What We Did:

  Leadership workshops
  Culture analysis
  Brand motto
  Brand archetype
  Brand strategy
  Messaging + story
  Verbal + visual identity
  Art direction


“I talked to a few other companies, but we best gelled with Motto. They understood what we wanted and they were on top of everything.”

Joyce Kao Co-Founder

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