Branding a B2B tech company’s purpose and aligning a culture

Call-Em-All Case Study

Aligning a tech company’s culture, purpose, vision and values to their brand.

Call-Em-All (now Text-Em-All) is a B2B tech company based in Frisco, TX. They provide on-demand automated voice broadcasting and bulk text messaging for everyone from Fortune 500 companies such as Ford, Amazon and Curves to colleges and sports teams. But it’s way more than that. It’s a place where workplace culture and core values are lived, not just talked about. Motto was asked to assist in the company’s rebranding effort to align purpose, brand, and culture while capturing the spirit and essence of Call-Em-All’s personality in a new website.

How we served:
→ Leadership Workshops
→ Brand Audit & Gap Analysis
→ Brand Positioning
→ Brand Voice
→ Word & Messaging Kit
→ Brand Manifesto
→ Logo & Icons
→ Palette + Pattern
→ Brand Style Guide
→ Website Design

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Leadership Workshop
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Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging
Identity System
Word Kit
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I. Challenge

What do you do if you have a great culture, but your brand doesn’t reflect that culture or who you are authentically?

Call-Em-All was born in the summer of 2005 when four founders joined forces to start a great company unlike others in their industry. A tech company driven by solid values, they built the business and culture with the mindset that there’s more to success than the bottom line, and that culture is everything. But there was one (not so) tiny problem. No one else knew this but them. The challenge was the culture was and is unarguably a competitive advantage. However, when you looked at the brand from a visual and verbal standpoint, there was a disconnect. That’s a big issue considering most of their clients find them online. The leadership was aware of the problem but were struggling to put that culture into words and convey it online.

II. Leadership Workshop

We led Call-Em-All’s leadership team through Motto’s transformational and thought-provoking leadership workshop to uncover their purpose, vision and values.

Motto facilitated our signature leadership workshop with Call-Em-All’s leadership team. Over the course of several days, we went deep into the heart and core message of the company, its purpose, and their amazing culture. We talked to their team, partners and customers so we could articulate what makes Call-Em-All different and why. While the company is an industry expert, their bland branding, messaging and website lacked personality and didn’t convey who they are authentically. By uncovering and articulating the company’s purpose, we were able to create new messaging, headlines, company values and a company manifesto to help the company go beyond what they make and sell to who they are and what they stand for. The result was a strategically led, brand framework for Call-Em-All’s future as a brand and organization.

III. Manifesto

MANIFESTO (noun): A written statement to publicly declare the intentions, motivations, or beliefs of a person or group. From the Latin manifestus — to clearly reveal, to make public.

We helped Call-Em-All write a manifesto to share their principles and beliefs with the world. It’s a powerful daily reminder of who are and why they’re here. By sharing it publicly, everyone from employees to customers gains a fuller understanding of their message and a greater appreciation for who they are as an organization. It has become the thing that drives their culture.

IV. Brand Personality

With awesome team nicknames like “Cake Boss” “The Bearded Hacker” and “Dreamcrusher,” it was crucial Motto bring the culture and personality of Call-Em-All into the website. This allows their audience to grasp who they are as a team and business.

V. Brand Look & Feel

With a refreshed sense of self, we developed a new visual language to represent their brand values and showcase who they are.

We used modern design elements to tell their story, engage their audience and make a strong impression. We started by redesigning the website first with wireframes for structure and then into a full blown website. We created new iconography, imagery, case studies, and value-based messaging that authentically represents the company and captures the essence of their brand. By uniting all of their disparate parts into a more unified brand language, we were able to create a stronger brand image that stands out amongst their competitors.

“Working with Motto has been the most successful 3rd party project in the 12 years of our company. We were struggling, and they more than rescued us. We've grown 20% year over year. What would I improve? Nothing.“

Brad Herrman CEO, Call-Em-All

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