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Blue Sky Studios

Creating social for one of the world’s greatest animation studios

Blue Sky Studios Case Study

Blue Sky Studios, owned by Disney®, is one of the world’s leading 3D animation studios.

Meet the award-winning animators, artists and storytellers of Ice Age, Rio, Ferdinand, Robots, Epic, and Spies in Disguise, all while operating as the only major animation studio on the East Coast.

Our role included:
→ Interview internal/external stakeholders
→ Unite the brand under a common vision
→ Refresh the brand identity and guidelines
→ Position the brand to attract top talent
→ Develop and design a content strategy
→ Design social graphics and write all copy
→ Manage social media metrics across platforms

Client: Blue Sky Studios
Verbal Identity
Visual Identity
Brand Style Guide
Social Media Strategy
Content Strategy
Social Templates
Social Management
Trade Show Designs

I. Challenge

Establish an EVP, navigate a merger with Disney, elevate the brand across social media channels, and position Blue Sky Studios alongside Pixar and Dreamworks.

As one of the world’s leading animation studios, Blue Sky has been making iconic films for over 30 years––Ice Age, Rio and Ferdinand, and Spies in Disguise, just to name a few. But while many folks know their famous movies, Blue Sky has never been a household name like competitors Pixar® and Dreamworks®.

Furthermore, while most of the US movie industry is based in Hollywood, Blue Sky’s headquarters is nestled in woodsy Greenwich, CT. Luring top talent away from the glitz and glamour to the east coast posed a challenge. Though their 500+ loyal employees loved working there, they needed a way to share the incredible culture they’d built with the world.

As a merger with Disney® and many exciting leadership changes took hold, Blue Sky wanted to position the brand for growth and recognition.

III. Results

Motto was able to grow all social channels in staggering ways.

Creating channel-specific strategies that speak to both industry insiders and film enthusiasts, we are proud to have collaborated with the Blue Sky team to create a powerful force across social. Prior to Motto taking over, the feed was visually inconsistent.

We created content series like #FemaleFilmmakerFriday and #DeskOfTheMonth that showcase the magical inclusivity and creativity across the office. We’ve held AMAs and giveaways that engage excited fans. And we’ve steadily increased numbers every month.

Here is just a small sample of our big wins:


  • Over 17k followers (growing 25%)
  • 3x monthly impressions (~90k to > 300k)
  • 3x average likes per post
  • 460% increase in comments


  • 3x posting frequency
  • 160% increase in favorites
  • 17x increase in RTs


  • 2x posting frequency (10 to 20x a month)
  • 4x post reach (~100k to 400k)
  • 3x post reactions (~1k to > 3k)


  • Tripled posting frequency
  • 40% increase in comments
  • 60% in total likes

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