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Capturing the spirit of tradition one leather watch strap at a time

Crown & Buckle

Meet Black Label, Crown & Buckle’s premium line of watch straps made with the world’s finest leathers.

Crown & Buckle is a watch strap retailer specializing in fine leather and nylon strap styles for the modern watch wearer. Black Label is their premium line of watch straps sourced from Spanish, Italian, and American tanneries with generations of experience. Motto was asked to develop the name, strategy and identity of their elite Black Label collection.

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I. Logo & Naming

To stand apart from other C&B product collections, we designed a custom logomark and icon for Black Label inspired by a fox.

The fox head icon represents the sleekness of the Black Label collection. We researched the fox in various cultures, languages, time periods, and beliefs. Foxes are adaptable, guiding, strategic, wise, noble, and protective.

Fox-inspired names were chosen for the product line. Some examples are Oberon (nobility), Fennec (a small fox), and Sagan (wise one).

II. Strategy

Successfully launch a premium product line and establish a new look and feel for the affordable luxury collection.

Crown & Buckle has long been the leader for quality, affordable watch straps. They have a large, loyal customer base of watch collectors and strap fans, whom we needed to impress with the launch of Black Label. C&B’s Black Label collection is a premium product at a much higher price point they had never previously touched. As such, it was important to differentiate Black Label from the rest of the offerings and elevate the experience of the collection to excite existing customers and attract new ones.

Luxury leathers. Stunning style. All crafted by hand. It was our job to tell the brand’s story. The Crown & Buckle Black Label collection is the result of nearly two years of meticulous product development. With so much heart that went into creating the products, it deserved an equally well-executed launch. First, we crafted the unique position of the brand, developed tone of voice and messaging, then designed the identity system, art directed product photography, and helped bring the brand to life online.

III. Photography

Motto art directed new product photography to capture the intricate details and impeccable finishing of the beautiful handmade straps, watch rolls and pouches.

We had a strong vision for dark, sleek and sophisticated images to compliment the Black Label look & feel. Since Crown & Buckle sells straps, not watch faces, we had the intriguing challenge of making sure the straps were the star of the shots. Our goal was to shoot a multi-purpose image library to use for intro shots, banner shots, e-commerce shots and product shots, as well as for social media and other marketing and promotional materials. We flew the company founder into Dallas for a full day shoot, and we spent dawn to dusk in the studio capturing the beauty of their products.

IV. Website

We gave the Black Label collection its own look & feel on Crown & Buckle’s main site by creating a separate landing page with a predominantly black color palette which sets the tone for the collection’s distinct offering.

The elevated experience of Black Label online is unique to itself. This separates the collection from C&B’s American Made collection and their other product lines. We sold the product with beautiful images and copywriting that speaks its differences. We also improved the shopping experience by simplifying the Cart and Checkout actions to make for easier conversion and an uptick in sales.


“We love Motto. We've evolved into a stronger brand with a stronger image. The launch of Black Label was a success and our customers love it.”

Thomas Lathrop Founder, Crown & Buckle

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