Case Study


Reclaiming the “B” word.

Clad in Fendi slippers and straight hustling in LA, real estate boss, Netflix star, and influencer Christine Quinn has been labeled a bitch her whole life. So she did what confident bitches do—redefine outdated ideas of what it means to be “a bitch.”

Motto’s mission was to turn Christine’s vision into a Bitch Rebellion— a brand that embodies her ambition to take the power back. We looked at bitches for who they really are—harbingers and change agents who live by their own rules and refuse to serve, honor, or obey anyone. These truths led us to a singular war-cry—being a bitch is a strength, not a weakness.

What We Did:

  Leadership Workshops
  Culture Analysis
  Brand Strategy
  Verbal Identity
  Visual Identity
  Art Direction
  Merch Design

The Bitch Rebellion celebrates our confidence, emotions, sensuality, success, individuality & creativity, so we keep creating more of what’s needed.

Work With Motto

Calling all game changers
and rule breakers