Best Friends by Sheri

Rebranding the World’s Most Loved Pet Bed

The Overview

Not all pet beds are created equal. Best Friends by Sheri designs joyful pet products for our closest, most cherished companions.

Motto’s rebranding helped transform the business from a product-led company focused on features to a brand-led company that builds a consistent emotional connection with the audience. As we always say at Motto, brands need something to say, not just something to sell.

What We Did:

  Leadership Workshops
  Brand Strategy
  Brand Story
  Verbal Identity
  Visual Identity
  Style Guidelines

The Challenge

Crystalize the brand for internal coherence, unity, focus, and clarity.

The pet market is growing fast and is increasingly crowded. Knock-offs and look-a-like products abound. Consumers were confused and distracted by other brands selling similar looking products for a lot less. It was time for Best Friends by Sheri to up its brand game and reclaim its narrative.

The Big Idea

Choose Happy.

At Motto, we give our clients Ideas Worth Rallying Around. After learning about Sheri’s story of heartache and struggle as a single mother immigrating to the US and building a large business from nothing, we knew there was something more to the brand, but it wasn’t being communicated or leveraged.  

The desire to create happiness in people’s lives was why the business was born. We chose the phrase “Choose Happy” as the brand’s rally cry — the key message that encapsulates the essence of the brand. It’s about the most valuable benefit a Best Friend provides: encouragement to believe in and pursue your best life. Happiness can be elusive, but always within reach. The rally cry is both inspiring and motivating; a tantalizing, heightened state of well being we support people and their pets to realize. 

Brand Essence

A bright light. A sweet smile. Boundless joy. An unbridled sense of wonder. Simplicity.

This is what the brand was created to be— the personification of happiness so pure and contagious that it becomes a force to be reckoned with. Joyful. Uncomplicated. Authentic. The brand is a beacon showing others how to shine their own lights brighter and find happiness wherever they are and as often as they can.

Tone & Messaging

Leading with the best friend.

At the core of our brand strategy is an often overlooked aspect of the brand — its own name. The inspirational Best Friends theme is a powerful, untapped force that we brought back into focus and made meaningful.

Best friends are exquisitely aware of the health and happiness of the other. When one thrives, they both feel happy. When one suffers, they both feel sad. It’s a bond with the potential to be closer than blood, because from among everyone in the world, best friends have chosen to walk through life together.

Best friends persist because they each believe the other deserves the best life has to offer. They unlock each other’s potential. They inspire and uplift. Yet, when life disappoints, they also provide understanding, comfort, and a reset. It’s a duality designed to withstand ebb and flow, and benefit from it richly.

By infusing the essence of the Best Friend into everything, products become experiences that deepen how people think about and feel about their pets. It creates an inspirational identity the audience can live into.

Visual Identity

The voice shines through the brand look & feel to create positive, peaceful vibes.

From the friendly, fluid style of the wordmark to the cheerful color palette, fun pattern work, and simple iconography, the visual identity spreads joy. The cheerful look & feel of the brand has an upbeat vibe to give people a taste of the happiness the brand brings into their lives.

To complement the wordmark and infuse even more love into the brand, we created a symbol that turns the shape of a heart into a B.

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