Becoming Superhuman is a team of neuroscientists obsessed with optimizing how people think, work, and win. Led by Executive MBA faculty Dr. Sahar Yousef and Lucas Miller of UC Berkeley, they are creators of the program’s most popular course, “Becoming Superhuman: The Science of Productivity and Performance.”

Motto® was hired to facilitate leadership, understand the founders’ ambitions, address the specific needs and desires, and create the new Superhuman brand to grow their business impact.

Scope of Work

→  Brand Strategy
→  Brand Position
→  Brand Manifesto
→  Verbal Identity
→  Key Messaging
→  Visual Identity

The Challenge

Dr. Sahar and her team needed a branding expert to guide the rebrand of “Becoming Superhuman” and launch new products to a B2C (vs B2B audience).

Motto’s core directions were to crystalize the brand for internal coherence, unity, and focus. Clarify who Becoming Superhuman is and what makes them unique in order to grow visibility, influence audience perception, and cultivate a devoted tribe. And lastly, ensure the brand is compelling for individual consumers but not gimmicky or untrustworthy to more conservative stakeholders.

Courtesy of Headspace
Courtesy of Apple®
The Name

At the core of our brand strategy is the name. The “Superhuman” theme is the most powerful force in the business.

“Become” is from the Old English “becuman” meaning “to come to a place.” “Super” comes to us from the Latin “uperi,” meaning “over and above.” Motto leveraged the Becoming Superhuman name as a central theme to draw the audience into a trusted, committed, empowering relationship.

By infusing the essence of the Superhuman into everything the brand stands for, they create products that become transformational experiences. We were able to deepen how people think and feel about their work and create an aspirational identity their tribe can live into.

The Big “Idea Worth Rallying Around”

“Think. Work. Win.”

“Think. Work. Win.” is the rally cry — the key message that encapsulates the essence of the Becoming Superhuman brand. It’s about the ultimate goal of the professionals they serve: sustained peak performance, in every role they have. The rally cry is both motivating and empowering; a scientifically driven state of self-mastery.

Think = Optimize your work habits in service to your brain
Work = Increase productivity and performance
Win = Achieve success by getting more mission-critical work done in less time, with less stress