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BeautyBoss BeautyBoss BeautyBoss

BeautyBoss empowers beauty influencers to launch their beauty brands with confidence and control.

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(01) Project

BeautyBoss empowers influencers to stop dreaming and start doing.

BeautyBoss takes lessons in successful e-commerce and print-on-demand services and applies them to individual beauty industry entrepreneurs’ unique needs. ShineOn founder Eric Toz knew influencers needed to reach customers without barriers of upfront investment and risk. He also witnessed exploitative conglomerates latch onto influencers’ authentic appeal. Influencers received inequitable access to financial benefits and lacked autonomy.

  • Engagement FastTrack®
  • Type New Brand
  • Category Technology
  • Services Strategy, Verbal, Identity, Activation
(02) Challenge

Remove barriers for upstart beauty influencers to launch independent businesses.

Many potential entrepreneurs fail to leap from dreaming to doing. BeautyBoss needed to offer a bridge to cautious, unsure, or overwhelmed influencers. The brand needed to portray confidence, success, and power without intimidation. BeautyBoss aimed to showcase business potential while being accessible and ethical enough to appeal to upstart influencers.

(03) Motto Method®

A startup-proven method that gave BeautyBoss tools to reach upstart influencers.

Many of our startup brands need to move quickly without compromising quality. Motto® created FastTrack® for startup brands needing a robust brand framework in a short timeframe. BeautyBoss was our first pilot and proved to be a successful outcome. By layering a systematic process that got to the heart of BeautyBoss’ logistical strengths and mission-driven appeal, Motto built a solid brand-on-a-page, visual identity system and digital landing page ready for market.

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“"Motto® knocked it out of the park." ”

(04) Motto Method®
/ Immersion

Our Brand Sprint revealed BeautyBoss’ unique position in the industry.

Motto® conducted an immersive workshop to explore the depths of BeautyBoss’ existing assets and future potential. We then created a thorough Competitive Audit that revealed BeautyBoss was unique among competitors in its holistic vision to provide packaging, mentorship, and entrepreneurial education to influencers launching independent beauty businesses. Motto® identified vital pillars for conceptual planning: ambition, creator support, and inclusivity.

  • Vision-Casting
  • FastTrack® Workshop
  • Competitive Audit
  • Influencer Research
(05) Motto Method®
/ Strategy

An empowering brand strategy serves as an immediate invitation to act.

Motto® defined a goal of helping one million beauty influencers launch businesses and provided both a present and future-focused brand strategy. The strategy was distilled into a clear visual identity focusing on connecting to a diverse audience. Long-term scalability served the future vision for growth with logistical support for immediate launch.

  • Purpose and Values Language
  • Vision Statement
  • Idea Worth Rallying Around™
  • Audience Personas
  • Brand Personality Attributes
  • Voice Pillars
(06) Motto Method®
/ Visual

A simple and bold brand with an ambitious B2B invitation.

BeautyBoss needed a visual identity that 1) cast a broad net for potential influencers that were ageless, genderless, and inviting and 2) avoided any confusion about the brand’s B2B (rather than B2C) identity. Motto® addressed both needs.

Motto® designed a primary color palette focused on simplicity and a secondary color palette providing bolder elements. The BeautyBoss symbol stands on its own for subtle and practical impact. Photography guidelines showcase influencer brands and feature individual influencers emphasizing diverse representation. Imagery guidelines avoid placing BeautyBoss branding directly on products, ensuring influencers and their independent beauty businesses are highlighted throughout.

  • Logotype
  • Symbol
  • Color & Type System
  • Pattern and Iconography
  • Photography
  • Brand Guidelines
(07) Motto Method®
/ Brand Activation

Clear guidelines for cohesion and seamless implementation.

BeautyBoss needed clear direction to start working toward its ambitious goal of one million empowered entrepreneurs. Motto® designed and developed a cohesive landing page and delivered it alongside an activation strategy that included social media templates, avatars, and print examples.

  • Social Templates
  • Landing Page Design & Build
  • Print Examples
  • Social Avatars

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