Bathtub Gin

A famous NYC speakeasy gets a makeover


Elevating the identity of an iconic speakeasy bar in NYC.

Bathtub Gin has earned a reputation as one of the coolest speakeasy bars in New York City, inspired by the spirit of the prohibition era in the Roaring Twenties. Best known for weekly live jazz, swanky burlesque shows, and killer handcrafted cocktails, the bar is secretly tucked behind a coffee shop in Chelsea.

Founder Dave Oz hired Motto to redesign its brand identity, menus, copywriting and website to reflect the the style of the era.

Date: 2018
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Message
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Visual Identity

Respect the legacy of the original identity but evolve the look and feel to reflect the authenticity of the 1920’s.

Motto addressed major flaws in the original logo design, including legibility issues with the logotype and the lack of visual authenticity in the styling. We restyled the iconic woman in the tub, taking cues from period hairstyles and vintage martini glasses, and created a cohesive typography system with a mix of custom lettering and 1920’s inspired type.


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