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Disrupting the audiology industry


Turning a Canadian-based audiology clinic into the Lens Crafters of hearing.

When the top five independent audiology clinics in New Brunswick, Canada merged, they came to Motto to create a new name, develop a rebranding strategy, and craft a brand new identity to take full advantage of the growth opportunity.

Despite the traditional un-sexiness of the audiology business, we pushed the boundaries to help internal and external audiences gain awareness, understanding and preference for the new brand by challenging the traditional look/feel associated with the industry.

Client: Avenir Audiology
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
Branded Space


Embark on a comprehensive rebranding project to restructure all clinics as a single entity and merge under one name, logo and graphic system.

Mergers and acquisitions drive change in a way that requires well thought-out branding strategies that create a positive image of the future and reduce fears and insecurities. Research included analyzing the existing clinic brands, evaluating attitudes about the industry, conducting patient interviews and more.

After a deep dive into the mindset of the market, an assessment of each clinic’s brand, and a meeting of the minds regarding the combined corporate vision and values, we worked to ensure that the successful aspects of each clinic were worked into the new brand, and the weaker aspects were left out.

“Motto was able to tell our story with a well thought out brand. By listening to our employees, clients and partners, their team pushed our brand to new heights.“


— Denis LeBlanc, Founder, Avenir


Set forth a compelling vision for the combined entity and send important signals to the Avenir staff and audience about who they are and what they stand for.

The second goal was to communicate a meaningful message that resonates with the audience and sets Avenir apart from the competition. Lastly, Avenir wanted to develop a modern image to reflect the clinic’s forward-thinking values and guiding principles.

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