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Andela is a global marketplace that connects brilliance with opportunity. The platform is best known for its focus on highly-skilled global engineering talent from over 100 countries. Motto began working with Andela in Summer 2021 to guide its leadership team through a significant brand transformation. The objective was to reposition Andela from a talent matchmaker into a global marketplace.

Under our engagement, Motto set the direction and definition of the brand, created a brand strategy rooted in purpose, tone of voice, and messaging, and overhauled the visual identity system to raise Andela’s profile. Shortly after launch, Andela closed a $200 million Series E, valuing the company as a “Unicorn” at $1.5 billion.

What We Did:

  1:1 Stakeholder Interviews
  Leadership Workshops
  Purpose & Vision
  Audience Messaging
  Brand Strategy
  Key Statements
  Verbal Identity
  Visual Identity
  Art Direction
  Brand Style Guide

Founded in 2014, Andela is a global marketplace for remote tech talent that connects companies with vetted, remote engineers in emerging markets. Hundreds of leading companies leverage Andela to scale their engineering teams. A distributed organization spanning six continents, Andela is backed by investors including Generation Investment Management, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Spark Capital, and Google Ventures.

Andela needed to make big transformational changes. Motto conducted 1:1 stakeholder conversations to understand ambitions and hear various perspectives about industry trends, business objectives, and brand challenges. We aligned the heads of the c-suite to imagine a different future, and re-defined the purpose and vision. We then teased out and refined a brand and business strategy to bring to bring forward Andela’s vision of a new platform designed to create a more successful hiring experience for both talent, companies, and recruiters in expanded disciplines.

Motto led 20 leaders across multiple countries through our signature strategy workshops and then synthesized inputs from global trend research, competitive analysis, and employee surveys, and found four core insights that drove our overarching strategy: 1) Brilliance is even distributed but opportunity is not, 2) Companies wanted to develop high-functioning teams to deliver on product goals faster, with higher quality and lower cost, 3) Talent wanted to solve cutting edge digital problems with companies that respectthem, and 4) Andela’s people wanted a purpose-built brand with global influence on the future of remote work.

We teased out and crystallized the brand strategy, created a clear and compelling value proposition, defined the voice persona and voice pillars, and crafted key messaging. We wrote a manifesto to express the views, motives, and intentions of the brand. Inspired by the brand’s Idea Worth Rallying Around™—Connecting Brilliance to Opportunity. The manifesto became a tool to infuse the emotional “why” into the brand and introduce the new Andela to internal and external stakeholders in a powerful new way.

The new logo takes flight from the old one to symbolize the spark created when people come together at and through Andela to make a positive impact. And the new typography system and color palette reflects Andela’s human-centered strategy to differentiate against the sea of blue that most tech brands use.

The primary color palette is rooted in growth and sustainability. The green is bold and mature yet brings the warmth that Andela is known for. We drew inspiration from the three voice pillars (Grounded, Encouraging, and Curious) to develop the secondary color palette which offers support and conveys trust while also giving a bit of a nod to the legacy Andela Blue and Gold.

Since humanity is at the core of Andela, new photography treatments highlight the real lives and locations of talent and companies within the global community. The use of motion creatively expresses ideas and possibilities spilling out and over each other, to represent pushing boundaries and the limitless opening of the world.

Before the rebrand, Andela was poised to launch a new platform, but its visual brand was underdeveloped, inconsistent, lacking emotion, and undifferentiated. The company had an unsophisticated presence in marketing materials and messaging, and employees weren’t sure how to talk clearly about the why, who, what, and how. Through the rebrand, Andela established itself with a sharply defined brand with expert positioning and a clear voice. The process re-energized and rallied the employee base, and resulted in a fully integrated brand identity system and toolkit that communicates the company’s value to the world.

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